El tratamiento sin cirugía puede incluir anteojos o ejercicios de los ojos. Ocasionalmente, un parche puede ser recomendado. Una vez los ojos se desalinean. EyeDefender, descargar gratis. EyeDefender última versión: Descansa la vista con ejercicios o imágenes al azar. me es grato dirigirme a Ud. a fin de comunicarle que mi socio y yo hemos desarrollado un nuevo programa de ejercicios ortópticos. El mismo ya está a la venta.

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Exotropía — AAPOS

Agregar a la lista de deseos. It is an orthoptic eye exercise app for people who have an intermittent squint with difficulty maintaining good eye alignment.

Squint or strabismus, the medical termeejrcicios a condition where the eyes are not looking together in the same direction simultaneously, with or without the presence of double vision.

There are many types of strabismus and MyEyeGym is suitable for only certain kinds, usually horizontal, non-paretic, and intermittent.

Gimnasia Ocular: ejercicios para cuidar tu visión

Please check with your eye care professional to see if you are suitable for these eye exercises. Research has shown that performing fusion exercise with stereogram images is effective in improving the binocular status of people with certain types of strabismus.


Besides aligning the eyes, these exercises help restore and maintain Stereopsis or 3D three-dimensional vision — where two images, one from each eye, are fused joined together and seen as a single image in three dimensions. Stereopsis or 3D vision is important as the appreciation of depth is useful in situations such as threading a needle, running down the stairs, parking a car, playing ball games like basketball or tennis, etc.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

In MyEyeGym, you will find: Eye exercise images that are suitable for both adults and children 3. Various levels of difficulty to enhance improvement 4.

Tools for tracking and recording oftopticos, as well as the levels achieved 5. Alerts to remind you when it is time to do the exercise 6.

Through this app, SNEC hopes to encourage those who need these exercises, to participate actively in the improvement of their visual function. With MyEyeGym, eye exercises never need to be boring again!

For feedback or to unlock Levels 2 and 3, please send an email to feedback snec. Download the other useful apps developed by SNEC: The app will indicate the right eye drops for the right eye at the right time.


It spearheads and co-ordinates the provision of specialised ophthalmological services with emphasis on quality education and research. Ten subspecialties have been established to provide a full range of eye treatment from comprehensive to tertiary levels for the entire spectrum of eye conditions: En MyEyeGym, se encuentran: Los varios niveles de dificultad para mejorar la mejora 4.

Con MyEyeGym, ejercicios para los ojos no necesitan ser aburrido otra vez! Diez subespecialidades se han establecido para proporcionar una gama completa de emercicios del ojo de ser completa a los niveles terciarios de todo el espectro de enfermedades de los ojos: Visitar el sitio web. Ejercicios para los ojos PRO. Singapore National Eye Centre.