Elemental Mixology classes and courses. Elemental Mixology calendar and schedule. Rum is in (and has been for some time). Check out my latest blog post that goes into the types of rum and gives a new rum-based drink that I.

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The book contains drinks that originated on both sides of the Atlantic. If there were a drink made with elemenral amount of vermouth wine in called Negroni that was already popular on either side of the Atlantic, Cinzano would surely have included it.

Plenty of drinks are in the book, but not the Camparinete or Negroni in name or essence. Dude, maybe it was space aliens. Where is the copyright? Where is the pre-existing advertising making use of it? Stop grasping at straws. No Italian books available for scrutiny before the Cinzano book have it, either. The fact that Orson Welles only mentions a few ingredients in the interest of mentioning how those specific ingredients affect the health is not proof, nor even elemenhal strong suggestion, that they are the sum total of the drink.

I have added a new page to the mixoology hinting at why professional bar-tenders and industry leaders should attend Elemental Mixology courses. Get yours today here.

Reviews – Elemental Mixology

The oldest extant reference to this nineteenth-century drink is in a Chicago newspaper fromwhere it is mentioned by a bar-tender as being popular. It has been a favorite drink in Elemental Mixology posset sessions for the past three or four years.

Go to the Elemental Mixology website for the elementl. I often chuckle while witnessing bar-tenders today mimicking advances in drink-making that were revolutionary in — and thinking them to imxology new.


One example is as using sugar syrup instead of dry ,ixology in true cocktails and stirring them cold through plenty of ice. Today, bar-tenders imagine that applying the above methods to the Old-fashioned Whiskey Cocktail improves muxology. It was then that method for making the Whiskey Cocktail were changed to take advantage of pure water and ice suddenly becoming cheap and plentiful, allowing for simple syrup to be cheap and plenty of ice to be available for stirring with and straining from.

All you have to do now to catch up with is to strain your Whiskey Cocktail just as you would a Manhattan Cocktail — and, for the same reasons. Come elemdntal my classes. Suffice it to say that once the Mioxlogy Cocktail was made with sugar syrup and stirred with ice and strained into a goblet for mixklogy perfectly cold drink that would never get further diluted, the older, inferior way of making the Whiskey Cocktail produced the drink that after was called the Old-fashioned Whiskey Cocktail.

Between andthe Whiskey Cocktail, made the modern way and strained and served without any ice, was one of the most commonly-served drink in American bars. It was served more commonly during those forty years than the Old-fashioned Whiskey Cocktail.

What a shame that the inferior of the two is the only one that is easy to obtain in our own time. Now modern bar-tenders are making the Whiskey Cocktail almost as good as it was in if only they would stop serving it on ice and imagining that this is something new and the product of sensitive consideration.

Likewise devoid of any traditional knowledge is the imagining that there is something new — down to giving it a new typological name — to the so-called Lift. Truth be told, this type of drink goes at least as far back as An American bar-tender from then would look at the so-called Bourbon Lift and recognize it to be an especially-fancy reworking of the Bourbon Puff.


If had I been the bar-tender that created it, I would have made clear through naming it that I understood American mixological tradition and history enough to call if a Puff — instead of making up a new name that suggests ignorance of tradition. I also would have understood it to be far too fancy to just call it the Bourbon Puff.

I noticed some important liquors and liquor concepts missing from mixoligy Classroom Liquors page, so I went and updated the entire site! The Classroom Liquors page is finally wlemental excepting some inevitable revision. This is the most fundamental revision in the history of the book. Work on the edition of the Elemental Mixology book is entering its final stages.

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This will be the most significant reworking of the book since at least around It will be available for order in the second half of December. Gift certificates for the book may be ordered now. Go to the Elemental Mixology website for the recipe Share this: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.