ESM SPECIFICATIONS: PROCESS INPUT – same unit accepts any of the following. Input Types: TC, RTD, DC Voltage/Current. Thermocouple (TC): L,J,K . SITE: PROCESS INDICATORS. PROCESS. INDICATORS . ESM XX ESM. ESM. ESM. ESM. ESM. Esm Process Indicator,Brand Name:EMKO and Other Details of Esm Process Indicator,Process Indicator on Other Measuring & Analysing.

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Giving the utmost importance to the customer-oriented approach and to product functionality and quality, we have carried out the design and manufacture of programmable multi-function process-control instruments, counters, time-relays, thermocouples and thermoresistances, esm-400 and protection em,o systems; gen-set controls, automatic transfer switching, manual-keystarts. Our product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production, energy and other sectors, with regard to the automation and process-control materials and services that they require.

Thanks to the quality policy and procedures issued by the management of our company, which possesses the TS ISO EN Quality System Certificate, complete emo satisfaction in the areas of design, production and service is guaranteed.


The measurement, conversion and control of process parameters: Also, guarantees esm-49900 satisfaction at all times, in all places and under all circumstances by supplying them with speedy and reliable information through our authorized dealer and esm-490 network. ESM-xx20 series temperature controllers are designed for measuring and controlling the process temperature.

They are mainly used in glass, plastic, petro-chemistry, textile, automotive and machine production industries. Proportional controls are designed to eliminate the cycling associated with on-off control. This has the effect of slowing down the heater so that it will not overshoot the setpoint, but will approach the setpoint and maintain a stable temperature.

Two additional adjustments Integral I and Derivative D control added to proportional control helps the unit automatically compensate for changes in the system.

It provides the most accurate and stable control. It is recommended in systems which have a relatively small mass, those which react quickly to changes in the energy, where load changes often.

Indicator Siampower Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our PID devices has Auto-tune facility. In our ESM-xx20 series there are 3 types of controllers. The only difference is their sizes. Also, from product pages you can access detailed product manuals. ESM-xx50 series process controllers are designed for measuring and controlling temperature and any process value.

Esm-4900 Process Indicator

The user can adapt the product as he needs. For example, 2 sensor input is also possible with this device. In our ESM-xx50 series there are 5 types of controllers.


They can be used in many applications with their universal process input, alarm functions and serial communication unit. Etiam magna arcu, ullamcorper ut pulvinar et, ornare sit amet ligula.

ESM-XX00 Series Smart Output Module Process Indicator

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Process Indicators

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Measurement and Control Instruments. The following design issues are experimented with in our company: Process measurement and control instruments which conform to the industrial standards. Temperature sensors, thermocouples and thermoresistances. You may prefer to use Viewer Data Logging Software with this series of devices. In emki ESM-xx00 series there are 4 types of controllers. However, ESM is basic and only single set process indicator.