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Crawfish61JamFuelutopiajane and 35 others like this. Just the perfectly balanced IPA aleex a bit of apricot on the nose. Do you already have an account?

Also found some nice gems at de Bierkoning today.

What beer are you drinking now? No, create an account now. This gets mixed reviews, but I’m all in. King Initiate Oct 7, Ohio. Time to get the weekend started. Chipotle Initiate Apr 23, New York.

Canned two days ago Both shops are worth a visit for anyone who comes to Amsterdam and wants to skip the ‘Heineken Experience’. Funny that this sat on the shelf over a month at a store that moves 2 cases of ZD singles in less that 24 hours every week. Enjoying one of my favorite regular dn to brews. BrewsOverHoesBrolo75Sabtos and 13 others like this.


Excellent mouthfeel, overall excellent. GrumpyGas Meyvn 1, Apr 7, Illinois. Gandy Dancer Inheractiva Roost, 4. Monkeyknife Poo-Bah 2, Jan 8, Missouri.

What beer are you drinking now? # | Page 3 | Community | BeerAdvocate

JamFuelutopiajaneBrewsOverHoes and 28 others like this. LloydDobler Champion Jul 25, Indiana.

At the moment they even have more beers compared to de Bierkoning seriously. It’s literally 30 steps from me. All thanks to tobelerone who mentioned this shop some time ago.

Ardeer Initiate 0 Sep 13, New York. Let’s get it started double-dry hopped style. Enjoy what’s in your glass tonight BA! Lately I just can’t stop listening to Miles, particularly this lineup, I believe they are referred to as Mile’s 2nd quintet. Moosehead Anniversary ale next. We lost a good one. Cooling down with a Weltenburger Kloster Barock Hell. Catch ya later, folks Rain, rain, more rain, and soul crushing humidity.

Moved on to a newish brewery near me called Brewery Techne aka Bar Hygge. Beer-Panda Disciple Mar 27, Netherlands.

Nose is malty, taste follows with a very slight bitterness. MistaRyte Devotee Jan 14, Virginia. I am on a different level tonight. Take me away little space dudes! I’ll let the the SN Porter warm up some.


Fragged Empire – Bsico (1).pdf

JamFuelutopiajaneBrewsOverHoes and 37 others like this. Greetings Advocates I picked this one up yesterday in a mix six. Your name or email address: Cut out early for the holiday weekend, and getting it started right. Some time ago they even had Omnipollo Hypnopompa on growlers JamFuelutopiajaneBrewsOverHoes and 41 others like this.

It’s Friday and time for an Abduction from Pipeworks. Been hankering for a crisp Pils, and coincidentally, Modern Times just released this here.

Pours golden and thin, with a two finger white head. Shaymus Defender May 16, Massachusetts. Extreme Beer Fest cometh! Couple of beers this afternoon I represent your ending, and everything that’s wrong on this Earth Cuz I was born on the day that the morning was cursed So when I spit, it’s different than most When lifting to toast, hops mutate to oats Still slittin’ your throat, the militia is post