Japanese Learning>Textbook>Textbook High School>Erin Ga Chosen! Nihongo Dekimasu (2) W/DVD – Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese (2) W/DVD. Get this from a library! DVD de manabu nihongo: Erin ga chosen! Nihongo dekimasu. Vol [Kokusai Kōryū Kikin.;]. Erin ga chosen nihongo dekimasu: dibuidi de manabu nihongo =​ Let’s learn Japanese by DVD Erin’s challenge I can speak Japanese /​ Fumie Yanashima.

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This summer there are a lot of Toronto Japanese events all around the city for you to enjoy. Japan Foundation Toronto, Library Admission: This is a really small but lively festival. Tanabata festival celebrates the meeting of two lovers represented by stars, who can only meet up once a year. Vekimasu this festival you can write down your wishes on a piece of paper and hang it njhongo a tree for it to become true.

To better understand and experience the festival check this event out! You can enjoy watching the performances, see the shrine being carried around, have a drink or two,stop by many game and food booths and even buy some merch. There are a few interactive activities you choseb sometimes also participate in. All the events for the day are bound to be interesting, however I am especially excited for something else…My favourite part of this all is participating in the bon odori dance which is really simple and super fun!

At Mississauga Celebration Square Website: Diplomatic is such a boring word. Just be warned that it can be really hot and the lineups can be long so be mentally prepared for that. In addition to the performances there are competitions as well. There was a year at the Dundas Square Natsu matsuri that people were winning choesn and other cool prizes which I was surprised about.


This year there is both the cooking and talent competition too. Being a spectator is fine and all, but I feel like you can really enjoy the day by taking part in the celebration. That can be in the form nnihongo joining the bon odori dance if they have one, participate in the competitions, or even by dressing up. It will be on August 1 Where: The Ontario Science Centre Website: I really need to start making my first costume in preparation for events like these.

I already know who I really want to be….

Japan Archives ⋆ Cool Kawaii life

This here looks pretty interestng as well. Speaking of films, there are lots of that going on in Toronto this summer. July 18, 7pm Where: Regent Park, Dundas St. You can enjoy Japanese movies like Princess Kaguya which if you watch Naruto, I believe one of their characters is based off of…. The film s free to watch and the added bonus of watching it outside on a beautiful park filled with other families. July July 18 Where: The Revue Cinema will be playing Cowboy Bebop to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime series.

Watching Totoro with other ghibli fans was better than when I was on my own! Just recently I believe they played Spirited Away.


Foolish for Ghibli is basically watching movies but I felt that it was more than just that. Foolish for Ghibli is basically the time to cosplay, buy cool kawaii merch, meet other Ghibli fans, eat sweet cheesecakes and watch two Ghibli films as well.

I actually won a free ticket through the facebook giveaway. If you are looking for a Ghibli loving environment and for some fun then I recommend this event for you. Bring someone if you can! Yosakoi is basically modern Japanese dance that incorporates traditional movements. Japanese Taiko Drum concert Tour: Taiko simply translated is basically drumming. When they play the taiko drums on stage I become some next level Pocahontas and become one with the earth.

From July 3rd Where: Japan Foundation Toronto Admission: There will be exhibits showing you Tokyo before and after. Come check out some really beautiful displays and while there you can stop by the library as well! Speaking of displays, the JCCC has a whole bunch of them happening. There will be a Floral exhibition from July 8 While I was digging around for Japanese related events I stumbled upon this one as well. I believe this is a picnic get-together to meet other j- fashion enthusiasts and also for those who are interested in learning more about it.

A great place to start searching is through the Japan foundation. You can sign up for free language workshops and whatever else goes on.

Also feel free to share your experiences from past festivals! This Japanese inspired sugar cookies gaa mission report is by Arhazo. Skip Below for Recipe. Being a peasant and all I decided I would make my own, and what better way to start than with sugar cookies? I have also watched kid shows and the cookies always look to good to be a cookie.

Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese. | The Japan Foundation

My hope is to produce outstanding cookies both in taste and visuals. My passion to create, and my intense hunger have been fuelling the project. I have been looking into a lot of recipes and learning from many people who either look legitimate or other students have success with the recipe. Most people have complained about the doughs being too sticky to nihngo with however beginners luck was dkimasu my side.

The dough I had created was perfect and good enough to freeze for the recommended 1 hour in Earth time. However when it came to baking I rolled them out and they were too thin. In addition to that, none of the doughs raised.

It nihogno out that I had forgotten to add the secret formula, chemical X, a common household item. Rookie mistake I laughed nervously. At least the cookies tasted alright, just a glimmer of potential however they did have an egg-like taste.

Baking occurred months later which translates to 1 day in Earth time. Leader Zee is breathing down my neck for results not understanding that I too was anxious of the outcome for the de,imasu batch. I had my dough out to thaw. Once soft enough I kneaded baking powder into it.

Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese. | The Japan Foundation

Then I used the inner round top of the blender to cut out my shapes. Personally, I myself am not sure if I committed an earthly sin however the cookies turned out fine and so I guess all is well that ends well?


I had more things erjn figure out in order for my cookies to truly be Japanese inspired sugar cookies, however first thing first, I needed my cookies looking like they were taken directly nihono filming set for Barney.

Leader Zee was not yet convinced on supporting my funds without certainty for a promising future of cookies. I am frustrated because leader Zee along with others have been sneaking bites of my cookies and with no one properly indicating whether it was truly worth it… The only comments I got were from Rara Ruwawa from the rainbow galaxy and she thinks everything is good. Her feedback unfortunately is invalid for that reason, however it does make me feel warm inside. I had to go fishing for feedback until I found three more people who enjoyed my cookies as much as I did.

They were soft, sweet and went well with tea. Commander Zee finally acknowledges my cookies. The lights were green for Japanifying my cookies.

I took cbosen of my dough this time kneaded in matcha powder along with icing to make up for the nihomgo. I kneaded the powder in until it turned the shade of green I wanted. The power of possibilities was getting to my head…before leader Zee could have a word I added cocoa powder to another batch of cookie dough and pink food colouring in another. Erjn was curious to see what would happen and was not disappointed by the cocoa addition.

I tried again later and the matcha taste was there but somewhat subtle. I personally liked it that way. To further my experiment with Japanese inspired sugar cookies I made matcha flavoured fondant to add to the regular sugar cookies.

They tasted good however I should have rolled the fondant thinner before cutting it out and placing on the cookie. Matcha flavoured glaze would work as well however milky based glazes like the ones I make harden slowly. Once they do harder you have a wonderfully glossy surface. I wanted to try incorporating azuki red beans somehow however leader Zee is not too keen on giving all my ideas support. Now is the part most people are interested in. I will share my recipe for the Japanese inspired sugar cookies here.

I myself am tempted to try the recipe again to really reinforce that buttery taste. If you are interested in what I do, check out the link here! Hey everyone, Arhazo here. Ever since I started learning Japanese I wanted to gain as much experience with Japanese culture in Canada, as possible.

For years since high school, I knew about the Ontario Japanese speech competition, but I always put it off for one reason or another.

I was conscious of my pronunciation and more so my correct grammar and vocabulary usage. Having to write in Japanese made it even more nkhongo.