View and Download Honda EUis owner’s manual online. EUis Portable Generator pdf manual download. Also for: Euis, Eui. View and Download Honda EUis owner’s manual online. EUis Portable Generator pdf manual download. Honda generator troubleshooting guide service shop repair manual. Honda Honda gx file type: PDF file name Recent Honda Euis. Eu

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The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing. Congratulations on your selection of a Honda generator.

We are certain you will be pleased with your purchase of one of the finest generators on the market. We want to help you get the best results from your new generator and to operate it safely. And using this generator safely is an important responsibility.

To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. If a label hhonda off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda generator manjal for a replacement.

Do not connect to a building electrical genertor unless an isolation switch has been installed by a qualified electrician. Use only a Honda approved parallel operation kit optional equipment when connecting two EUis generators for parallel operation.

To stop the engine. To run the engine after starting. To start the engine by operating the starter motor. Do not use the starter for more than 5 seconds at a time. Do not allow the starter grip to snap back against the engine. Return it gently to prevent damage to the starter. Pushing the choke knob to the OPEN position provides the correct fuel mixture for operation after starting, and for restarting a warm engine.

It indicates that the generator is producing electrical power at the receptacles. A Honda approved parallel operation kit optional equipment is required for parallel operation. This kit fletype be purchased from an authorized Honda generator dealer. If an AC circuit protector switches OFF automatically, check that the appliance is working properly and does not exceed the rated load capacity of the circuit before resetting the AC circuit protector ON.

Before using the ground terminal, consult a qualified electrician, electrical inspector or local agency having jurisdiction for local codes or ordinances that apply to the intended use of the generator.

Filetpye system ground is not connected to the AC neutral wire. Cooling holes are located on the side panel, the control panel, and the bottom of the generator. If the cooling holes are blocked, the generator may overheat and damage the engine, inverter, or windings.

Do filety;e lay the generator on its side when moving, storing, or operating it. Make sure that it is in good working order. Faulty appliances or power cords can create a potential for electrical shock. If an appliance begins to operate abnormally, becomes sluggish or stops suddenly, turn it off immediately. Most motorized appliances require more than their rated wattage for startup. When an electric motor is started, the overload indicator light red may come on.


This is normal if the overload indicator light red goes off after about four 4 seconds. If the overload indicator light red stays on, consult your Honda generator dealer. Power levels between rated and maximum may be used mahual no more than 30 minutes.

Never connect different generator models and genrrator. For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power. Rated power in parallel operation is: Appliance and power tool manufacturers usually list rating information near the model number or serial number.

Before connecting the battery charging cable optional equipment to a battery that is installed in a vehicle, disconnect the vehicle battery ground cable from the negative battery terminal. Plug the battery charging cable into the DC receptacle of the generator. If this happens, wait a few minutes before pushing in the circuit protector button to resume operation. If the circuit protector continues to go OFF, discontinue charging and see your authorized Honda generator dealer.

Disconnecting the battery charging cable: When appliances are turned ON or reconnected, the engine returns to the proper speed to power the electrical load. Performance will decrease, and fuel consumption will increase. A very rich mixture will also foul the spark plug and cause hard starting. Operation at an altitude that differs from that at which this engine was certified, for extended periods filetypw time, may increase emissions.

Use 4-stroke motor oil that meets or exceeds the requirements for API service classification SJ or later or equivalent. Refill the fuel tank if the fuel level is low. Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. Do not fill above the maximum fuel level.

Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel. For your safety, do not operate the generator in an enclosed area such as a garage. When the engine starts, allow the engine switch to return to the ON position.

To stop the engine in an emergency, turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Unplug appliances from the generator receptacles. If applicable for parallel operation, unplug the appliance from the parallel operation kit.

Other service tasks that are more difficult, or require special tools, are best handled by professionals and are normally performed by a Honda technician or other qualified mechanic. The maintenance schedule applies to normal operating conditions. Remember that your servicing dealer knows your generator best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it. To ensure the best quality and reliability, use only new, genuine Honda parts or their equivalents for repair or replacement.

The following instructions and procedures must be followed in order to keep the emissions from your Honda engine within the emission standards.

Tampering and Altering Tampering with or altering the emission control system may increase emissions beyond the legal limit. Black exhaust smoke or high fuel consumption. Replacement Parts The emission control systems on your Honda engine were designed, built, and certified to conform with EPA and California emission regulations models certified for sale in California.


We recommend the use of genuine Honda parts whenever you have maintenance done. The bar graph is intended to provide you, our customer, the ability to compare the emissions performance of available engines. Replace the paper air filter only. Service more frequently when used in dusty areas.

Honda EU3000is Owner’s Manual

These items should be serviced by an authorized Honda generator dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and is mechanically proficient. See the Honda Filetgpe Manual. Open and remove the oil maintenance cover. Place a suitable container below the engine to catch the oil, then remove the drain plug and sealing washer, remove the oil filler cap, and drain the oil.

To prevent carburetor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly. Service more frequently when operating the generator in extremely dusty areas. Using gasoline or flammable solvent to clean the air filter can cause a fire or explosion. Soak the foam air filter in clean engine oil and squeeze out the excess oil. The engine will smoke during initial startup if too much oil is left in the foam air filter.


Reinstall the foam air filter to the air cleaner cover. An incorrect spark plug can cause engine damage. Visually inspect the spark plug. Replace it if the electrodes are worn or if the insulator is cracked, chipped, or fouled.

Measure the spark plug electrode gap with a wire-type feeler gauge. Correct the gap, if necessary, by carefully bending the side electrode. The gap should be: If the engine has not been run for a long time, the sediment cup should be cleaned. Turn the engine switch to filettype OFF position.

Turn the fuel valve lever to the OFF position. Unscrew the sediment cup. Clean the sediment cup, O-ring, and filter in nonflammable or high flash point solvent. Reinstall the filter, O-ring, and sediment cup.

Turn the fuel valve ON and check for leaks. Reinstall the air cleaner base, and connect the breather hose with the air cleaner base. Allow it to cool before proceeding. The spark arrester must be serviced every hours to maintain its efficiency. Remove the four 6 mm cap nuts, and remove the rear cover. Remove the four 6 mm bolts, and remove the upper muffler protector.

Remove the three 5 mm bolts, and remove the exhaust tail pipe and the spark arrester. Inspect the screen for breaks or tears and replace it if necessary.