This is the old model of Neon Genesis Evangelion, what I mean by old is that this is the old art design of EVA version The old version. To continue our Neon Evangelion papercraft series, here is Evangelion Head Collection EVA Awakening Ver based on Seven Two. This is the old model of Neon Genesis Evangelion, what I mean by old is that this is the old art design of EVA version The old version does not have gr.

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For more information of the EVA please read this post: Unit 01’s armor is primarily purple; some components are colored neon green, light blue, orange, and black. The humanoid entity beneath the armor has light brown skin, two emerald-green eyes, four small nostrils positioned, papercract red blood.

Evangelion Head Collection Papercraft – My Paper Craft

It has the best battle record of all the Evangelions. It frequently acts independently, without the instructions of a pilot and without any apparent power source. The Eva will also take action to protect its pilot while sometimes servicing other interests.


The Eva’s resident soul, Yui Ikari, appears to be responsible for such events. Unit 01 is called the “Test Type”.

After acquiring it, the Eva is still sent into battle with an umbilical cable. At the conclusion, Unit 01 is left floating adrift in space, fossilized and still containing the soul of Yui Ikari.

In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Unit 01 sports more neon green highlights on the head, chest, abdomen, and arms. The progressive knife and its storage mechanism are also redesigned, but most of the armor has not changed. During its fight with Shamshel, the papfrcraft of the humanoid entity beneath the armor is revealed to a lighter color than in the series.

During its fight with Zeruel, after the internal dvangelion die, the neon green lights glow red and it sports a Halo as well as being able to fire an energy blast similar to the angels.

Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Paper Model – My Paper Craft

It also replaced its missing arm with a limb formed out of its own AT field evangelioj absorbed Zeruel and its core, but the angel began to make it change into a new life form that defied reason, and would have come into existence at the cost of all previous life.


It would have done so had Evangelion Mark.

You can download this mecha paper model here: Pokemon – Volcanion Free Papercraft Download. Pokemon – Golem Ver.

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