F Retaliator – Manual. Game Title, F Retaliator. Document Type, Manual. Platform, Amiga. Author, muguk (stats). Author website, F Retaliator for Atari ST by Ocean Software, Digital Image Design, screenshot, dump, Box / Instructions, English Dump, download atari F Retaliator. If I remember rightly, this game ONLY runs from the C:\RETAL directory (i.e. you have to have it installed into C:\RETAL and use C:\RETAL\ to start it).

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They will convey one message to the enemy – the Retaliators are effective, deadly and meet the threats of 21st Century warfare.

Their pilots will have a dangerous mission: They must destroy four or more hostiles for every loss in order to survive and win. The Grumman F29 has been developed as a technology demonstrator rstaliator creating retaliatoe ultimate fighter aircraft and was a genuine contender for the USAF’s new advanced tactical fighter but is now unlikely to enter service as it was judged too risky and too costly in terms of performance retlaiator the ATF.

However new reetaliator have shown a forward swept wing STOVL Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing multi-role supersonic fighter which could be feasible in the late ‘s thanks to improved engine performance.

The F29 shows great potential for the next generation advanced tactical fighter, around to In the first step towards a new fighter was taken when the ASD asked the American aircraft developers “request for information”, and their views on a new aircraft to be called the Advanced Tactical Fighter.

From manuaal on the ATF it was clear that the most important attributes for it were: Two weeks later Northrop and McDonald Douglas announced a similar arrangement.

Two main designs had been picked for the fly-off competition: The Lockheed F22 and the Northrop F The first flight for the F22 which is now the favourite contender for the ATF was set for the Autumn of in California. Full production will commence in at a cost in terms of 60 million dollars per unit. The ATF combat radius is to miles – a significant increase over the F It would be able to take-off from a 2, ft runway or rough surfaces and easier to maintain than the F Being slightly heavier than an F around 60, lbsthe ATF has the same wingspan but is slightly longer to accommodate the extra fuel load.

Great use is made of wing to body blending like the F, SR71 and B1, again providing more internal volume for fuel and weapons. It is also designed to reduce the radar cross section by a factor of compared to the F The engines are Pratt and Whitney XF with vectoring and reversing nozzles, having the advantage in all flight regimes as well as increasing the manoeuvrability.

Reversing nozzles remove the use of large air brakes. The control surfaces flaps, canards and rudders and the vectoring nozzles on the ATF work together under the control of powerful computers to give the impression of flying a straight-forward simple plane. The actual aircraft will be so complex and have so many flight modes that the pilot would not be able to exploit them all.

The pilot issues a command and the system will interpret it, i. The basic argument for supermanoeuvrability the ability to turn at low air speed at high G’s within a very small radius is that an aircraft which cannot emulate such a manoeuvre can be prevented from bringing its weapons to bear.

The ranks available from the lowest to the highest rank are as follows: First Lieutenant – Captain – Major – Lieutenant Colonel – Colonel The higher the rank selected,the more variety of mission will be available. More points are awarded to the higher rank for the same mission as the game will be harder see scoring.


To return to the main menu, press either return of click on OK or Cancel with the mouse. Choose Your Scenario On this screen you are given the choice of four different locations. Three of these locations will involve you in the wars that are taking place in those areas. The four scenarios are: The test range is approximately sq. This world is a true simulation of a hostile environment. The friendly nations artillery is, however, heavily outnumbered although it is technically superior to its rivals.

Consequently in order to succeed, three enemy planes must be destroyed for every one friendly aircraft destroyed. The War is on two fronts, with large tank battles to the South West and artillery exchanges across the natural river boundary to the South East. A small military airstrip is located there with a squadron of ATF’s. A military blockade by the enemy has cut-off all support to the islands, threatening the vital oil supplies to the USA and is ready to invade the islands. A full scale conventional war across the heartland of Europe will begin.

All airfields, installations, factories and towns will be attacked and initial losses are expected to be heavy on both sides. The NATO forces have been mobilised and put on full alert, as have all air bases will all squadrons being dispersed away from vulnerable bases. Mounting enemy activity has been reported near the border where an estimated tanks and 3 million soldiers have amassed. The enemy is expected to launch a massive assault on key points along the border and its airforce will plunge deep into your country crippling the infra-structure.

Two enemy tank divisions have assembled along the border with huge reinforcements being drawn up from their rear flanks.

DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

The situation will be critical if the enemy mobile tank division manhal through the border defenses as they will plunge deep into your territory threatening the industrial retaliayor at Huttgart, Nurgen and Coberg. To select your scenario press key 1,2,3 or 4. View Sierra Hotel Majual This screen shows the top ten highest scores achieved by pilots. These scores are saved automatically.

View Pilots Log The game disk is designed to store all the statistics of one pilot e. It is also cleared if the f299 is killed or retires. Load Pilots Log This loads up the previously saved log of the game. Zulu Alert Zulu Alert provides a quick entry into the game. You are given unlimited weapons and begin a “shoot-em-up” game in your selected scenario, starting in mid-air flight against a squadron of enemy fighters. No points are awarded and no log information is saved to disk as this is merely a practise exercise.

Mission Control Selecting this option puts you into the mission control section of the game. When entering Mission Control you are provided with the latest update of the war situation in your chosen scenario except American world with a detailed map showing the battle front and text describing the latest events in the war.

War updates are provided after every four or so mission, dependant on your scenario. Select Plane Using the mouse, point the cursor on the panel below the plane you wish to retaloator clicking once on the appropriate panel will select the plane and return you to the Mission Control menu. Select Base Using the mouse, point the cursor retaliatod an airfield located on the map.

F29 Retaliator – Manual

Clicking with the manuxl button on an airbase provides you with a text description of the base and clicking again on the same base will confirm this as your home base in the game; i.


Select Armament See Weapons and Stores 4. Choose Mission Here retaliahor are provided with a selection of missions, the number of which is dependant on three factors; your rank, your location and how long into the war you are. Simply select a number.

F Retaliator / Amiga / Downloads –

Accept Mission This puts the player directly into their chosen scenario. It is essential that all aircraft, weapons, mission scenarios etc have been selected prior to accepting a mission as the default status will be totally inadequate for the scenarios you will be presented with.

On entering the 3-D section of the game you are shown a welcome screen appropriate to your location. Any other key will start the mission. END GAME At the end of the game whether you fail or complete your retaliahor, or are killed or retire you are returned to the main computer bank where you are given a quick debriefing of the mission and your current statistics.

Pressing any key to continue will then return you to the Mission Control selection screen. For air to air and air to ground missions the weapons are selected by clicking on the left mouse button over the appropriate weapon to deselect, click RH button. Weapons are subject to availability,dependant on your base, location and rank.

F-29 Retaliator

Shortages will become likely further into the wars. Both planes rettaliator seven pylons the ATF has four external and thee internal pylons in a bomb bay to reduce drag. Maximum Stores Per Pylon diag. These are the successors to the AIM 54 Phoenix and are probably the most advanced and sophisticated missiles in the world with a true radar homing. This builds a detailed image of the target similar to a Maverick and isn’t easily duped by counter measures.

This is smaller and more agile than the Sidewinder and has an advanced focal plane array homing radar infra-red. A new weapon that overcomes retalistor problem of a rear firing missile system. It locks upon the attack radar of the enemy fighter. Bomblets are discharged from upward facing tubes along fuselage.

This is a launch and leave missile that flies regaliator a few hundred miles hugging the landscape and finally flies with great precision down the centre line of the runway whilst ejecting the bomblets causing a row of craters. An improved version of the AGM 65E, manuql infra-red.

It can distinguish between tanks and low value trucks or decoys and its smaller and much cheaper than the MRASM.

These are especially effective against formations of tanks and armour. To differentiate between enemy and friendly aircraft, only enemies show on your radar.

Similarly, the FOF Friend or Foe system prevents your from launching a missile upon a friendly airborne target. All mission will only be deemed complete when your aircraft has completed the mission and landed safely at an appropriate base. Hit the two canvas targets in sector 7B. A convoy of retired trucks are moving along the east-west highway.

Destroy all truck in Sector 8A-8H. Hit the freight trains on the rail-line in Sector A3. Two must be destroyed. Attack the mock-tank formations crossing the Nevada Plains in Sector 3A.

Destroy the industrial complex in Sector 1C Mission 9: Destroy the airbase in Sector 4C and the main runway; drone fighters are located at this base.

This is perhaps the most difficult mission on the North American test range.