David said: Simon Singh has the ability to present a story about a mathematics Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting. Fermat’s Last Theorem has ratings and reviews. David said: I was really interested in reading this book after hearing about the problem in ano. Fermat’s Last Theorem Simon Singh and John Lynch’s film tells the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles. A quiet English mathematician, he was.

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The only thing that still niggles at me, although the mathematical proof is fabulous, it uses modern thheorem not available to Fermat, so it is proven but how the hell did Fermat do it?????? But many people tried and failed to develop the proof. Oct 04, Campbell Mcaulay rated it it was amazing.

Aug 17, Gorana rated it really liked it Shelves: In that sense, it has the theodem of a self-help book even without tr This book finds a way to narrate the chain of events from the time of Pythagoras to the final proof of Fermat’s last theorem by Andrew Wiles, entwining with it the key mathematical concepts presented in an accessible form and stories of the mathematicians who made those contributions.

Wiles’s obsessive mindset and solitary quest reminded of Ron Carlson’s short story “Towel Season” and I wonder Reading this book I caught a glimpse of the rarefied atmosphere of mathematicians and their processes of discovery.

I enjoyed it, especially when the author found a common, understandable subject to explain parts of the problem. Abhishek Muralidharan The copy is available online i geuss. Or knows were I can buy one? The”Fermat’s Enigma” review by Erica Blum. View all 6 comments. Understandably, as the final paper by Andrew Wiles proving the theorem is over pages long, contains a number of brand new mathematical ideas, and is practically indecipherable to the lay reader They came prepared with cameras, and took photographs during the fer,at.


Volim nauku, posebno kad je lepo napisana. It had to be different from Andrew Wile’s proof; does it exist? But it’s much more than that, since the final theorsm of Fermat’s Theorem involves so many other sjmon concepts.

How about that,” and then looking madly around for someone to tell. A brilliant book, beautifully written a tremendous historical question answered in a very modern way, fabulous, well done for readability.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. All in all, the net result is a book that is sensitive to its readers, intelligent, interesting and important. But that is exactly what Andrew Wiles worked on for so many years.

But it is clear, that Wiles “stood on the shoulders of giants”; he used–and developed–mathematical techniques that had not existed just a few decades previously.

This book is a grea Simon Singh theorsm an excellent account of the quest for the solution to Fermat’s puzzle.

I like math and even math books but couldn’t get into this. This book has been on my book shelve for over 10 years, I finally read it. A mathematician finds a simple proof to what seems like a deceptively simple problem of mathematics – that pythagoras’s theorem only works if the terms are squared, and not if they are any other power up to infinity.


Fermat’s Last Theorem

Stalin’s Daughter Rosemary Sullivan. Wes Ball rated it it was ok Jan 06, View all 12 comments.

He solved the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture which was a part of the logic behind solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. It conveys perfectly to a layman the sense of accomplishment that the mathematical community associates with cracking the proof for this theorem. To ask other readers questions about Fermat’s Enigmaplease sign up. And then, true to his word, the little rascal grew up to become an eminent mathematician, one who finally went into seclusion for seven years in order to hack away at this tremendous proof.

Fermat’s Last Theorem : Dr. Simon Singh :

For me it was shocking to know, that it was not just the kings and religious fellows destroying these geniuses and their sanctuaries, but Pythagoras also committed a grave mistake once, sentencing Hippasus ladt death for arguing that sqrt 2 cannot be expressed as a fraction! Na margini svog primerka Diophantusove “Aritmetike”Fermat fermar zapisao: Lists with This Book. This is the kind of book that we non mathematical minds can easily digest and love.