Results 1 – 12 of 20 The making of the slavs: history and archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, ca. by Florin. Curta. Currently unavailable. Florin Curta has 18 books on Goodreads with ratings. Florin Curta’s most popular book is The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lowe. Rating and reviews for Professor Florin Curta from University of Florida Gainesville, FL United States.

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The readings were dense and I’m no stranger to long reading assignments and hard to understand in general. In the US, the anti-Christian bias is a matter of a n admittedly large number of people pretending to be tolerant, but espousing virulently anti-Christian views. Ckrta beginning of the Middle Ages in the Balkans more.

Books by Florin Curta

In Nea Anchialos, however, Corinthian imitations were associated with a large number of coins pointing to commercial exchanges. The Other Europe in the Middle Ages. Medieval Archaeology and Bohemia.

Routledge,pp. The majority are Orthodox Christians, and while many priests have been incarcerated, tortured, and killed, under Patriarch Iustinian Marinathe Orthodox Church under the Communist regime witnessed something of a renewal, especially in terms of the revival of monastic life.

Dr. Florin Curta ‘ 95, ’98 Receives 2003 Alumni Achievement Award

Curta doesn’t make it any better. Zwischen Byzanz und der Steppe.

During this period in his life, before he and his wife Lucia moved to the United States to complete doctoral degrees in medieval history, he was a direct witness to the enormous changes taking place in eastern European societies at a time when the Soviet Union was collapsing, Russian influence was diminishing, and the acceptance of communism was on the wane. His recent studies dealt with such diverse topics as the role and significance of child burials in the earliest church graveyards; culinary practices in early medieval Eastern Europe; coins and commercial exchanges in the sixth and seventh centuries; the image of the Vlachs in the French crusade chronicles; early medieval burials in prehistoric mounds; ethnicity in the Black Sea region in early Byzantine times; the economic and funerary uses of early medieval coin imitations; and cities in Dark-Age Byzantium.


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Florin Curta at University of Florida –

Gift-giving and violence in Bulgaria and Poland. Curta is a great teacher that I would definitely take again. The elderly had no jobs to lose any more, so they were not reluctant to go to church, and they typically took their grandchildren with them.

The truth is that my life experience is not like that of most freshly minted Ph. Studies in Honour of Peter B. I have been myself the target of such a burst of hatred from one of my colleagues, who, nonetheless, stopped all harassment when showed compassion at a moment of crisis and distress. This course is terrible, and Dr. Not Mandatory Textbook Used: A local production is also documented archaeologically for the lamps of Iconomu’s type XXX, specimens of which have also been found both in secular and in mortuary contexts.

No final, just little tests. Department of History University of Florida P. Ethnic identity and archaeology more. Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop! Since the number of Roman Catholics who also recognized the pope as their leader was relatively small, the regime did not persecute them.

Name | Department of History | University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Were there any lamps exported from the Balkans? In other words, one does not need to proselytize; it is sufficient to behave in a certain way, to be a model for others, to take action in circumstances where others would not move a finger or remain cowardly quiet.


I still can’t answer the question, “what is the good life? Directory Faculty Alphabetical Graduate Directory. Istros 20 One of the most important is Nova Tabla, near Murska Sobota.

Early Byzantine lamps have now been found in significant numbers in the lands to the north from the river Danube, but with a few exceptions, there is no attempt at an florkn interpretation of this phenomenon that would link finds in barbaricum with those in the Balkan provinces of the 6 th-and early 7 th-century Empire.

Four questions for those who still believe in prehistoric Slavs and other fairy tales more. I slowly lost interest in this class as the semester went on because his teaching method is chaotic. This paper attempts to answer a number of key questions: Format for the entire class was pop quizzes, a midterm, and a final.

All the clicker questions are history related, only a few of the many we’ve had so far were actually related to the readings. Box Florib, FL Amphorae and ckrta of iron implements and weapons have been discussed in relation to this controversy. For 25 years between andhe has organized annually sessions on the history and archaeology of Eastern Europe for the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo.

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