Hello Really simple question; when you create a pdf from FM, can you convert the cross-ref’s to hyperlinks in the pdf? Thanks. Following are steps for creating these hyperlinks in Adobe FrameMaker. For more information, please refer to the documentation provided with Adobe. Cross-references is an effective navigational tool that guides a user to a related information in a document that might add to their understanding.

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In online documents, you can refer readers to another location in the same document, another document, or a Web page URL.

The first step of creating a hypertext link in text is deciding on a clickable text area. A clickable text area can be a word or a series of words.

refer To write

Making the clickable text visually different from other text helps users to clearly identify hyperlinks in text and tells FrameMaker and Acrobat exactly what text string contains the hypertext command. This frameamker tells FrameMaker and Acrobat what area to highlight after the link is activated. If you do not identify text that includes a hypertext command, the entire paragraph is activated as a link.


With that in mind, creating links to URLs is a two-step process. First, I show you how to make text visually different, and then I take you inside hypertext command central to create the link.

You can easily identify hypertext areas using Character Formats jyperlink FrameMaker. It’s a good idea to create a new Character Format that you can assign to hypertext links in text. Be consistent with colors and styles. For instance, although hypertext links in 12 different colors may make for a colorful online presentation, this method may be confusing for a user.

Try to stick with one color and style, such as blue and underline. After you have a Character Framemakr you like, just select the text you plan to use as a hypertext link, and apply the Character Format to selected text.

Links to URLs | Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat | Peachpit

If you forget to apply a Character Format before you hyperilnk the hypertext link, you can always apply the Character format to text afterward. For example, if you want to link to www. If you want to spot-test the new hypertext command, click the Make View-Only button in the Hypertext Window. When you have finished, click Make Editable in the Hypertext Window to switch back to an editable FrameMaker document.


Embedding URLs in FrameMaker and HTML documents

To find out how to edit the hypertext link once in Acrobat, see “Edit Hypertext Links in Acrobat 5” later in this article. See All Related Store Items.

Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. NOTE If you forget to apply a Character Format before you insert the hypertext link, framemakef can always apply the Character format to text afterward.

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