Download >> Read Online >> nyssma manual pdf free nyssma vocal solo list nyssma manual edition 31 pdf nyssma manual pdf NYSSMA. 18 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! .. perform a solo piece of music that is listed in the NYSSMA Manual. At solo and small ensemble festivals, students are given a performance evaluation that involves playing a graded solo from the NYSSMA Manual, playing scales.

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Reed Middle School Andrew T. Morrow Elementary School Charles A. Personnel Staff Employment Opportunities. Physical Education Health Health Services. Anderson Randy Beverly Jr. Charles Sports Injury Prevention. Testing and Assessment Calendar. Adult and Continuing Education. If you have any additional questions or concerns please make an appointment to speak with manuql child’s music teacher.

Their website homepage is www. At solo and small ensemble festivals, students mznual given a performance evaluation that involves playing a graded solo from the NYSSMA Manual, playing scales and sight reading.

At major ensemble festivals, school bands, choruses and orchestras are evaluated. How do I nyzsma my child? Information regarding scheduling times and appropriate materials should be received from the school music teacher. Registration is only done through the music teacher at the school which the student attends. Is this a competition? What music can be played? Student who desire comments only can perform any music and are not required to play scales or sight read.

Where can I see a manual? It can also be found at many public libraries. The manual contains rules and regulations as well as the extensive solo lists. It should be noted, however, that the manual is designed for use by music teachers and is not intended as a student or parent publication. Who are fre adjudicators?

The purpose of this assessment is to provide the student s with positive feedback and constrictive criticism in janual effort to help improve performance. The soloist or ensemble enters a specified room to perform for frwe individual adjudicator. In addition to the prepared literature, soloists performing for a grade will be asked to perform a specified number of major scales see NYSSMA manual or speak to your teacher and a short approximately 8 measures sight-reading example.

Ensembles are only required to perform the prepared literature. What is the difference between a solo and an ensemble? A solo is an individual performance. An ensemble can be anywhere from two duet up to sixteen 16 musicians, depending on the requirement of the repertoire. How long does the adjudication take? The entire process takes approximately ten 10 minutes for a level adjudication and fifteen 15 minutes for a level or All-State adjudication.

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Can the adjudication be recorded? Every teacher ffee the school district and most music stores have access to this manual. Presently, the manual is not offered online. If a Central Islip student studies privately the Central Islip music staff will help as a resource but usually leave the preparation for frree solo to the private teacher.

How does a student prepare for an adjudication and who can help?


The repertoire is above and beyond the regular in-school lesson program requirement. One-on-one tutoring is highly effective and may nyssja necessary in preparing for the adjudication. Depending on availability and scheduling, the school music teacher may or may not have time to assist in the preparation of the music. For Level VI and All-State Auditions, it is advisable and beneficial to secure a private instructor for this purpose if financially possible.

If private instruction is not nssma our music staff will do all they can to help our students as long as the student fulfills their end of diligent and regular home practice.

Preparing any piece of music has a variety of aesthetic rewards and technical benefits. Adjudicators are trained to provide not only positive feedback but also constructive jyssma designed to help students become better musicians. All-State soloists must perform literature selected from the level 6 category. How does the scoring system work for the assessment?

Points are given in major categories such as tone, intonation, technique, accuracy, interpretation, scales and sight-reading. Narrative comments are also written by the adjudicator to provide positive feedback, constructive criticism and to explain any point deductions. This form will be kept confidential and given to the adjudicator prior to the adjudication.

What is the financial commitment involved? Each solo or ensemble time slot must be purchased by the student. The current fees are as follows: Fees are Non-Refundable for any reason. Are there any Accompanist or Additional Fees? In addition to the above nyssa, students must also pay for any piano accompanist fee that is not covered by the school district. If the student and parent choose to use an outside accompanist who agrees to the terms of the Central Islip remuneration we might be able to pay for the accompanist.

If the district is to pay an accompanist they must frree to the contractual timeline and complete the necessary paperwork prior to the nyssmaa. Please speak to your music teacher for additional information. What will the student receive after the adjudication is over? Within approximately weeks of the festival, each participating student will receive the original adjudication form back, completed by the adjudicator. Medals are usually distributed sometime shortly after the festival and before the end of the school year, depending on availability.


Is a piano accompanist required? Pianos are available for accompanists in All-State rooms and vocal rooms only. Pianos are not available in regular level brass, string, woodwind and percussion adjudication rooms. All-State soloists must provide accompaniment if the literature they are performing has an accompaniment part.


Students may use a live or recorded accompaniment. Can a manuap prepare more than one solo? Yes, but it is not advisable due to the rigor and commitment involved in preparing for an adjudication. However, students are not allowed to perform the same solo twice in the same year on the same instrument or voice. Can photocopies of music be used for the adjudication? Photocopied music is illegal.

Students who arrive with photocopied music will be asked to leave the site. Must a student have two 2 originals of the music, one for the judge?

It is advisable, but not mandatory to have a legal copy original for the adjudicator to look at during the fre and one for the ffee accompanist if applicable. If only one legal copy is available, the adjudicator may have to look over the shoulder of the performer. Can music downloaded from a website be used for the adjudication? Yes, providing the student also has a receipt from the website the music was purchased from.

Download free nyssma manual | Diigo Groups

Can students request a specific time for their adjudication? The registration form asks for time preferences, but there is no guarantee a specific time request can be granted. Students should make the NYSSMA festival a priority by making themselves available for the duration of the festival until a time confirmation is received. When should the student receive confirmation of the adjudication time? Finalized schedules are confirmed and distributed to teachers approximately school days before the festival.

What if a student cannot perform on the scheduled date of the festival? Students must attend the festival that is assigned to Central Islip. Under extenuating circumstances, Mr. Voigt can attempt to schedule a student at another festival at the mercy and discretion of the site host.

Consequently, there are no guarantees. All-State adjudications must receive a site variance approval letter from NYSSMA before being scheduled elsewhere, and only under extreme, extenuating circumstances will this be done. Website by SchoolMessenger Presence.