The great Mahasidda Tilopa said to Naropa: “Mahamudra cannot be taught.” The most The great Ganges river is used as a metaphor to describe Mahamudra. – Buy The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges Mahamudra book online at best prices in India on Read The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges. Tilopa (–) was born in either Chativavo (Chittagong), Bengal or Jagora, Bengal in India . External links[edit]. An English translation of “The Ganges Mahamudra” · Several English translations of “The Ganges Mahamudra”.

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Home natural awareness relaxed presence, unfabricated, flowing, just as it mahzmudra. Straight from the Heart: The two versions differ in the order of the verses and in the wording of some lines.

Ganges Mahamudra by Tilopa (translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso)

Take this to heart, my worthy student. Let go and mahamudrs naturally. Let what binds you let go and freedom is not in doubt. Likewise, when mind looks at mind, The flow of thinking stops and you come to the deepest awakening. They go nowhere, nor do they stay. Likewise, though thoughts arise, Whenever you see your mind, the clouds of thinking clear.

Likewise, your mind, in essence, is beyond color or shape. It does not change because you do good or evil. Likewise, eons of samsara cannot dim The sheer clarity that is the essence of your mind. Likewise, although mind is said to be sheer clarity, There is nothing there: It includes everything you experience. Do not talk or speak: Do not think about anything: Your mind goes beyond thought, open like space. Let go of control and rest right there.

Train and develop this and you will come to the deepest mzhamudra. Thinking about precepts undermines the point of commitment. Do not think about anything; let all ambition drop.

Let what arises settle by itself, like patterns in water. No place, no focus, no missing the point — Do not break this commitment: When you settle in this, all evil and distortion burn up.

This is called “The Light of the Teaching”. The currents of samsara constantly carry them away.

Oh, how pitiable, the foolish — their struggles never end. When his her energy enters your heart, your mind is freed. Samsaric ways are senseless: Conventional ways are pointless. Focus on what is sound and true.

Majestic outlook is beyond all fixation. Majestic practice is no distraction. Majestic behavior is no action or effort. The fruition is there when you are free from hope and fear. Where there is no path you begin the path of awakening. Where there is nothing to work on you come to the deepest awakening.


Look carefully at this experience of the world. The dream, the magic, makes no sense. Experience this grief and forget the affairs of the world. Rest, not practicing anything.

When you come to nothing to come to, you come to mahamudra. Cut the root and ten thousand branches wither. Likewise, cut the root of mind and the leaves of samsara wither. A single light dispels it all.

Likewise, one moment of sheer clarity Dispels the ignorance, evil and confusion of a thousand eons. If you want to know what is beyond intellect and action, Cut your mind at its root and rest in naked awareness. Let appearances come and go on their own. With nothing to change, the world you experience becomes mahamudra. Because the basis of experience has no beginning, patterns and distortions fall away.

Rest in no beginning, with no self-interest or expectation. Let what appears appear on its own and let conceptual ways subside. The most majestic of practices is vast and deep without limit. The most majestic of behaviors is open-minded and impartial. The most majestic of fruitions is natural being, free of concern. Using gazes and techniques to take hold of mind Train awareness until it does truly rest. The balancing of method and wisdom transforms energy.

Let it descend gently, collect it, draw it back up, Return it to its place, and let it saturate your body. When you are free from longing and desire, empty bliss awareness arises.

You will radiate health and well-being and be as strong as a lion.

The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges Mahamudra: Thrangu Rinpoche: : Books

You will quickly attain the ordinary mahamudar and open to the supreme one. May these pith instructions, the essentials of mahamudra, Abide in the hearts of all worthy beings. On the completion of the twelve hardships, Tilopa taught these on the banks of the river Ganges to the Kashmiri pandit, the wise and learned Naropa.

Marpa finalized his translation at Pulahari in the north of India. Ken McLeod translated this into English in Los Angeles in the southwest of the United States, working from the gaanges of previous translators and various commentaries. Look well at worldly phenomena!

Dream-like and illusory, they cannot last! Therefore, when giving rise to disenchantment, you have insight into worldly activities. Completely severing the connections of attachment and aversion — the domain of samsara — meditate alone in mountain and forest hermitages! These worldly affairs are the useless causes of suffering. Look at the ultimate essential meaning [that realizes] the futility of deliberate action! The truth that transcends the intellect will not be seen by means of the intellect.

The point of non-action will not be reached by means of deliberate action. If you want to achieve the point of non-action transcending thought, sever the root of mind itself and rest in naked awareness! Le ave the polluted water of conceptual thoughts in its [natural] clarity. Without affirming or denying appearances, leave them as they are.


Tilopa’s Mahamudra Teaching to Naropa

For example, [if] the root of a tree with flourishing branches and foliage is cut, its ten thousand branches and hundred thousand leaves wither. For example, even the accumulated darkness of a thousand aeons is cleared away by a single lamp flame.

Similarly, an instant of the luminosity of mind itself dispels aeons of accumulated negativity and obscuration without exception. If people of inferior intelligence [can] not abide in the ultimate meaning, they [should] hold the vital point of wind energies and give up exerting [themselves] in awareness.

Until you abide in the ongoing state of awareness by means of myriad gazes and [modes of] focused attention, make effort! For example, if you examine the center of space, the one who fixates on the boundary and center ceases to be.

Likewise, when you investigate the mind with the mind, the multitude of thoughts ceases and you see the nature of mind. For example, [when] vapors from the earth or clouds disperse into space, they have gone nowhere and yet do not remain anywhere.

So it is with the multitude of thoughts that arise from the mind: For example, space transcends color and form.

It is immutable and without a tinge of black or white. Similarly, the mind itself, beyond color and form, is untainted by the white and black phenomena of virtue and evil. For example, the clear and pure orb of the sun is not eclipsed by the darkness of a thousand aeons.

Likewise, aeons in cyclic existence cannot obscure the luminous essence of mind itself.

For example, in s pace, what is supported by what? Rest at ease in the uncontrived, innate continuity. When the bonds are loosened, there is no doubt of release. Completely give up physical activity and remain at ease.

Without much speech, [sound] is like an echo. Without thinking, look at decisively-resolved reality. The body is insubstantial, like the hollow stalk of a reed; and the mind, like the center of space, transcends the realm of thought.

Rest at ease in that state, without releasing or placing. When there is no object gangws focus, the mind is naturally clear.