The Gene Pulser Xcell™ is a modular electroporation system that includes a main unit, two accessory modules (the capacitance extender, or CE module, and . The Gene Pulser Xcell total system is the complete electroporation system for transfection of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. The Gene Pulser Xcell total. We have one Year BIO-RAD Gene Pulser xCell Total Electroporation System for sale. Lab paid $ in Year but had to close.

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Gene Pulser: Analytical Instruments | eBay

More about Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Visit Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Electroporation system for mammals fibloblasts into oocytes. Can we use this machine for nuclear transfer mammals fibloblasts into oocytes? If your answer is yes, what protocol should we use for the program?


We currently use electropolation system gene pulser xcell. I await your answer.

There xcll no threads in Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Gene Pulser Xcell Reviews at this time. For questions about using the LabWrench web site please call us. Description Features Photos 1. The CE module is recommended for use with the Gene Pulser Xcell main unit for electroporation of most eukaryotic cells, including mammalian cells and plant protoplasts. The PC module is recommended for the electroporation of bacteria and fungi, as well as other applications where high-voltage pulses are applied to samples of small volume and high resistance.

Photos Gene Pulser Xcell. Manuals and Resources Note: Bio-Rad, a global leader in supporting healthcare, provides the industry with useful products and services spanning the entire range of drug discovery Electroporation system for mammals fibloblasts into oocytes Can we use this machine for nuclear transfer mammals fibloblasts into oocytes?

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Gene Pulser

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Write a Review All Questions. Exponential or square Voltage: Outputs and other specifications: Same as total system without the parallel resistance.

Maximum W during short charging periods Operating environment: