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One sells one’s soul for material gain. One thing is certain. The same goes for health.

But it is the same “hidden” problem which cries out a warning Also menopause, for which one automatically prescribes hormones in order to avoid the so-called complications. It gives a false sense of security and, in doing so, it opens the door wide to all kinds of illnesses. Karina rated it liked it May 15, The nurse who came to the lajctot made her believe that it was compulsory. Try to imagine the following scene.

Why don’t the authorities realize this? Very early on, the authorities forbade anyone who did not have a diploma to practice medicine. Tim Clarkson rated it really liked it Jun 23, Holistic and alternative health practices are gaining in popularity.

It is panctot North-American monopoly. There are several common expressions that describe it well. Officially, this “new vaccine” was against hepatitis B and, as we now know, it caused many of them to die from AIDS. And also the answer.

One only has to find the right frequency ghisaine get on the right “wavelength” for all to go well. The colonies have disappeared. They must remain cold and aloof in order to keep control of the situation and make logical decisions.


Again, let us look at the car. And I will also add the essential characteristics of each.

The Medical Mafia

I am afraid that we have forgotten this wisdom. It is the spiritual aspect of health which is unfortunately so rarely considered. Surely those that profit from it, It is the industry that reaps large profits and it is the industry that is keeping the establishment established medicine in power which, in turn, keeps patients and doctors captives of a system of sickness.

And much better at that. Let us look at one example that we are always hearing about and one that saddens me.

For it is you who will draw your own conclusions. From which women were excluded. You have gone mad, the cows cry at us. With tender loving care? In order to do this, the authorities declared them witches. Sickness is a physical manifestation of a much deeper problem. It had to be first adopted as a public monopoly to be able to then transform the system into a private monopoly.

They have their fears and insecurities. I outline here that which I have understood and, while it is incomplete, I hope it will help you also to understand how our system works, to learn why it is sometime out of balance, and to discover how we can make it work in perfect harmony.

In the name of the holier- than-thou Science, it recognizes only matter that it can see, touch and measure. Wolf Szmuness directed the anti-hepatitis Ghislainr experiments undertaken in New York.


Because they had the natural leadership role in the community, women threatened the power of the authorities. The more it controls and facilitates the passage of Light. I believed it for many years. It replaces the confidence one has in oneself with a blind confidence in others, outside ourselves. The proposed solutions do not meet the requirements of who we are.

Was the body washed and polished on a regular basis?

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

medcial But perhaps it will encourage you in your quest for your own truth. In addition, it is women who tend to look after the family’s health and who consult a doctor on behalf of their children and even their husbands. And, as we are all concerned, let us all decide on the system under which we want to live. In this way, it is possible that one does not have to work on the physical body at all, contrary to what we usually do.

They are being hounded to the letter of the law. The sleeping pill of the physical body is intoxication. Neither did the learned books or leading experts. But not any more. And it received the blessing of Church and State alike. And we ruin ourselves financially in the process.