It’s called the GigaPower , and comes in an “Auto” and “Manual” variation. This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast. For these reasons we. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. It is easy to light and adjust, is very stable. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, The Gigapower Manual packs the same trusted punch as the Gigapower Auto without the added weight of.

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Although it is a manual stove, it is good enough to light with anything from matches to lighters or a fire steel. The large flame givapower works well and is capable of being adjusted with gloves. I purchased this stove about 7 years ago for my first backpacking trip.

Stoves are tricky in that their environment has a gifapower to do with how they perform. May 2, alpine1 reviewer rep Rating: Pros Heat Four pot stands Lightweight Compact.

Highly recommended to use on a backpacking trip if you want food or heat FAST. The flame is wide, so if you’ve got the right cookware, pancakes come out nice and evenly cooked.

It also means the flame is much wider than other stoves, especially when a pot is placed on it.


Snow Peak GigaPower Review | Backpacking Stove Review |

The flame is very powerful and difficult to adjust very low. I agree with previous reviews – you probably wouldn’t want to use this stove to cook for many people, but for one or a handful, it should be fine.

I would rate this stove as very stable, but it also has a lot gigapowef do with the size of the fuel can and pot. The stove is easy to setup. See Buying Options Welcome to Backpackers. But after a few uses I got it kanual. This works reliably well and is handy. It was a wide diameter when open and supports many sized pots. Retail Summary This is a great product, gifapower is an essential item on all of my trips.

The new GigaPower stoves have a rectangular valve that is short.

Usually I pack some extra aluminum foil to create a wind shield around the flame. I was disappointed with the boil times of the GigaPower at elevation.

All you do is twist the supports up. Simmering might be difficult and would require a close eye. The stove can easily twist off and on. But getting it down to a minimum flame is easy once you know that. Brands typically provide review samples which we return, and in some manuaal we purchase the item so we can keep using it long after the review.

Visit his website if you want to learn more about his authorial pursuits. The GigaPower is as stable as a backpacking canister stove can get.


I know better, and always turn the valve off again before screwing it onto a canister, but Snow Peak should really manufacturer the valve to line up perfectly in the off position. I got this stove about 18 months ago and have gone… January 20, Josh guest Rating: This version comes with a Piezo ignition, which means automatic fire. More on backpacking stove manua in our Guide.

Gigapower Stove Manual

You can get this flame very low, but you do have to be sensitive when turning the valve. February 5, updated Dec 15, Alpine lakes dotted the trail and while no big animals were sighted, a bald eagle soared overhead during a long day hike. Your Review Have you used this? The backpacking stove market is crowded these days. We tested the Snow Peak GigaPower 2. Daniel Zweier is Editor-in-Chief of Backpackers. More on backpacking stove boil time in our Guide.

Like any backpacking stove, best used for boiling water. We support the hours that go into our reviews and testing through affiliate commissions on purchases made through links in this article.