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All is set to start work on the flyover at Rajagiriya, another Rajapaksa era project carried out by the present government. This is supposed to be the longest flyover in Sri Lanka. The official ceremonies are done, plaques are in place, and the first ceremonial earth sod is cut by some dignitary to the beating of drums and dancing.

At this juncture, when we are about to pour tons of concrete and tarmac over the next 2 years, on this kingdom of the fortress, I want to pause and hear another drumbeat coming over the ages, which can be heard echoing in the same place from years ago. The Joyous occasion sandeshay the Dalada Perahera! Where elephants dressed in sndeshaya paraded on the ramparts of Kotte which still remains in pieces among the concrete jungle which has sprung up now.

It was held under the auspices of Sandeshayaa Perakumba VI, last of the Sinhalese kings to exercise sovereignty over the whole island.


Unfortunately, there is very little monumental evidence of this splendorous era of Sri Lanka. But once upon a time it literally changed the history of Sri Lanka.

Sinhala1. ගිරා සංදේශය | Athahitha – අතහිත

It is from this place that the Minister Alakeshwara commandeered his campaign against the northern army and repulsed their advance. The place was the ideal choice of kings as their capital, due to the natural protection it offered through the extensive marshes and the Diyawanna Oya.

It was a fortress of a unique kind. The resurgence of poetry is ample evidence of the peace and glory of the era. It saw the golden era of Sinhala literature; the shining light of it being Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula.

Gira Sandeshaya

King Parakrama Bahu VI encouraged scholars to write such books. There was a literary awakening of the nation under him.

The great literary works of Sri Lanka saw the light of day during this time. By some divine right, after years, once again, it is the capital of Sri Lanka.

If Colombo can boast of any ggira to a kingdom, It is this. Time marches on, and we are on the threshold of a new era. Hopefully we can build on this kingdom, without crushing it. My concern is whether the developers of the flyover have been made aware of the historic grounds they are about to dig up?



Have they been pre-cautioned of what they might throw away as rubble? What their powerful machinery might break up underneath?

Is the Department of Archaeology on stand-by to sift through the rubble to find any significant historical treasures that might be unearthed by the iron claws of the machinery that will go deep into it very soon? Any other country with a site like this will need archaeological and historical clearance before any kind of development can ever begin.

They have stopped giant developments, if it endangered or destroyed even a small piece of history. A friend told me In Australia, where they are laying some telecom pipelines only a few feet deep in Adelaide, there is an aboriginal person looking at everything they dig up in the process to see if they are treading on their sacred grounds.

And, if you must, please tread softly on it. Tread softly on a rich history June 14,7: Featured News Gamini flies west Read More.

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