Waiting For Godot, Samuel Beckett’s absurdist play, is considered one of the most important works of art of the 20th century. The classic play is coming Zorlu. Title: Godot’yu Beklerken: Epistemolojik Kategorilerin Sorunsallaştırılması. ( Turkish); Alternate Title: Waiting for Godot: Problematization of the Epistemological.

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Godot’yu Beklerken / Oyunun Sonu by Samuel Beckett

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Irish playwright Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot En attendant Godotoriginally written in French and premiered on January 5,bek,erken to be a counter-reaction to the bourgeois mode of representation, formal realism. In the play, his anti-heroes find themselves “thrown into” a decentered, incomprehensible and chaotic world. The decentered and fragmented epistemological structure they inhabit does not enable them to configure or formulate a stable sense of truth for themselves.


ebklerken In other words, this epistemological structure cannot offer them a Master Signifier godotuu will organize, categorize, hierarchize their truth and which will establish binary oppositions in it.

The play lays bare the constructedness of the above mentioned epistemological categories. By making them dysfunctional in the course of the play, Beckett, in fact, challenges and problematizes formal realism, the mode of representation established by the Enlightenment epistemology.

These anti-heroes have lost their temporal discipline as they cannot connect their yesterday with their tomorrow.

In this context their memory has gone bankrupt. They seem to be linguistically paralyzed as their language helps them no more to formulate a unified sense of reality and self.

Godot’yu Beklerken / Oyunun Sonu

In their world the usual causes do not lead into their usual effects or the usual effects do not originate from the usual causes. That is, causality does not count for them. They cannot make authentic preferences in existentialist terms. The only thing that stabilizes the course of things in their lives is the bekleerken that they are waiting for Godot.

Godot’yu Beklerken tickets.

Physically they seem to be paralyzed. Intellectually they cannot achieve anything, and they cannot make sense of beklerkn universe they live in. They can only make abortive attempts to make inferences. In this play, Beckett problematizes the ontological status of language rather than language’s potentials or whether it can give expression to a “reality” out there.


Godot’yu Beklerken: Epistemolojik Kategorilerin Sorunsallaştırılması.

In the play the signifiers do not lead into signifieds but to other signifiers. Here Beckett gets closer to the poststructuralists.

This study aims to underline the counter-Enlightenment elements in Waiting for Godot, by laying bare how the play departs from formal realism and how it problematizes the epistemological categories formal realism is based on.

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