Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution. Anywho, because the Hanayama puzzles are Cast puzzles (liquid I reassembled my Quartet (and now studying the video’s solution it is the. The Hanayama Cast Quartet came from Puzzle Master. There is no solution provided with the puzzle but if you wish (YES you will need it!.

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I have to say that I did solve it without seeking or recieving help of any kind from a source quartdt ANY kind. On Thursday November 27th Eugene wrote.

Puzzle Master makes every attempt to keep these posts informative and relevant. Upon closer inspection, the two pieces that create one square have slightly different shaped pieces than the other two pieces that make the second square. Unfortunately, the Quartet then got forgotten about due to new puzzles arriving etc.


I went to the store to buy another but they are sold out. Quarret you for sharing your opinions with us and others! On Sunday October 23rd Jason wrote.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet

Each time, I got to something that looked promising i. On Sunday January 3rd d28b wrote. Posted by Jamie at 2: Kevin 9 January at On Friday October 3rd Adrian Fernando wrote.

And thanks for the tip on a new necklace These reviews are written by our customers. If so did you also do that blind? On Friday January 21st Sgt wrote.

However, this has only been accomplished once. BUT, if you easily get frustrated then avoid it – as Brian said “it is almost too tough”. These gaps allow all the pieces to be interlinked and produce the final shape of two linked solid squares.

Anywho, because the Hanayama puzzles are Cast puzzles liquid metal poured into a mould puzzlle are inexpensive to make and are therefore equally inexpensive to sell.

Brianwith his almost superhuman puzzling skills managed to open his but even he had to give up and get the solution to reassemble it! Then go to Youtube! This is a part of the solution!!! This is one mean mother of a puzzle!!


Cast Quartet | Wire & Metal Puzzles | Puzzle Master Inc

Which I obviously don’t like since I love this puzzle: I wish I had the skills and discipline to do that every time.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Your Email optional, but recommended. So far I had been at it for about a week not continuously, you dope!

How to Solve the Hanayama Cast Quartet metal puzzle « Puzzles :: WonderHowTo

Once again I began fumbling around with it and it seemed I was getting nowhere. And approached it with carefull patience without expecting much result. The Quartet is made up of four square shaped pieces with gaps in one corner.

Every so often the Siren’s song would call me and I would idly jingle about but always with no real progress and a mean look from “She who must be obeyed”! Write your own review!