Angustia de Las Influencias by Harold Bloom at – ISBN – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana . Get this from a library! La angustia de las influencias: una teoría de la poesía. [ Harold Bloom]. Get this from a library! La angustia de las influencias. [Harold Bloom].

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It works to woo the ladies. Cover of the first edition. Now, looking at Terry Eagleton, I realized that the viciousness of literature critics is simply too lsa for the not-notoriously tender mathematician consci I’ll just let the professionals do the criticism: Innocence means, at it’s heart, free of consequence, and Anxiety basically means the opposite.

Age and experience has convinced me that every reader’s engagement with a text is “correct” for that reader, the question is the ability to convey our ideas of the text.

He is an American Shaman and his Spirit World is that of literature. That aside, the prologue to the new edition, basically a love letter to Shakespeare, is sheer pleasure to read. Return to Book Page. Now, looking at Terry Eagleton, I realized that the viciousness of literature innfluencias is simply too heady for the not-notoriously tender mathematician conscience and I’ve been hanging out with the verbally tough guys way too much.

Be the first to ask a question about The Anxiety of Influence. But I expected it to make sense. The book made him famous, ahgustia though few people could understand it. Oct 18, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: In the en After watching a few interviews featuring Harold Bloom I decided to pick up this book. It might look old-school to the point of outdatedness, but it can still wngustia any dedicated reader feel like they know way less then they should about the subject of their passion, which all things considered is always a great thing.


The Anxiety of Influence: People tend to only see him for his negative comments — which is a dire shame kas he speaks much more about the things he likes — so that he has become the caricature of The Old White Man. Every time I reread this, I become more dissatisfied with Bloom’s central thesis about the poet’s necessary “misprision” in order to clear the way for creative expression. Ok this book is billed as the starting point for Literary Criticism anggustia America.

Postmodern scholars everywhere found a new champion of their Hate when that interview was published.

Innocence can only rest in the fact that the old poets are dead and the poet is the one who can do what he wants because there are no consequences from a dead man nor any of his contemporaries. This vision is different from Bloom’s vision where the influenckas men haunt the poet yet he fails to understand his angudtia ways.

No matter how many times i reread this book it baffles me that it was so influential.

We need someone to challenge our beliefs at the highest level. Bloom doesn’t slow down to provide context; he is proving a point in an efficient manner.

Just a moment while we lss you in to your Goodreads account. I think that this is the case in dreaming. Aug 10, Brianne added it. Harold Bloom is an easy guy to dislike, and even easier to make fun of. Bloom’s central thesis is that poets are hindered in their creative process by the ambiguous relationship they necessarily maintained with precursor poets.

Thus, in order to subsume his influences, he must go through a process of deliberately misreading his precursor, dehumanizing himself, breaking down everything that made him a poet to begin with, re-finding his poetic spirit or daemonuntil eventually, maybe, he is strong enough to do battle with his long-dead great poet precursor, his primary influencer, his Great Original.


In short for those who say it’s silly and unfounded, I can see that in parts. So this book came highly recommended, I’m interested in criticism, and generally I expected something challenging to read but at the same time illuminating.

Angustia de Las Influencias

A Theory of Poetry by Harold Bloom. Having heard capsulized versions of Bloom’s argument here for years in Graduate school Influencisa for me to critique a book of criticism as its usefulness to one seems, to me, rather more subjective than even the overall value of a work of fiction.

This book can be read as an introduction to poetry or as a philosophical essay. This was one of the more bizarrely inscrutable books I’ve ever picked up. Jan 25, Akylina rated it liked it Shelves: That you battle against your ignorance to grasp the poet’s method.

Angustka writing this book, Bloom dde a decade studying the Romantic poets of the early nineteenth century. I don’t think Harold Bloom wrote this book to discuss the anxiety of influence. He does cite examples along the way, but I could have used more.

The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry by Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom’s The Anxiety of Influence has cast its long shadow of influence since it was first haroold in It requires a looking back and directly appropriating old poems. So what does he say exactly? I just read the words “Poetic Father’s coitus with the Muse,” and I’m done.