Heliopora coerulea (Pallas, ). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: ?p=taxdetails&id= Heliopora coerulea. (PALLAS, ). INVERT Bob Goemans. Common Names: Blue coral, ridge coral. Phylum: Cnidaria Class: Anthozoa. Blue coral. Heliopora coerulea. Family Helioporidae updated Mar if you learn only 3 things about them They produce a hard skeleton but are considered.

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Blue coral Heliopora coerulea is a species of colonial coral.

It is the only octocoral known to produce a massive skeleton. Individual polyps live in tubes within the skeleton voerulea are connected by a thin layer of tissue over the outside of the skeleton. Heliopora coerulea was described by Pallas in The blue coral is the only extant octocoral with a massive skeleton, [2] which is composed of fibrocrystalline aragonite calcium carbonate. It is a hermatypic zooxanthellaete species with either blue or grey-grey polyps located within its skeleton, which each heliiopora eight tentacles.


Blue coral photo – Heliopora coerulea – G | Arkive

Its colonies are either columnar, plates or branched. Iron salts give the skeleton of Heliopora coerulea its unique color, which allows for easy recognition in fossil outcrops.

Despite being common in some areas and having a large range, the foerulea coral has been given the conservation status of a vulnerable species by the IUCN. Its population is unknown but it is believed to be decreasing in line with the global destruction of coral reefs; it is threatened by aquarium harvesting, bleaching, habitat destruction, the acidification of oceans, and climate change.

Blue coral

Its largest colony is believed to be located off Ishigaki Island in the Yaeyama Islandssouthwestern Japan.

It is found in reefs with depths below 2 m, or reefs exposed to waves, flats, intertidal regions, coerule sometimes in marginal habitats. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Blue hheliopora Conservation status. Retrieved 13 January World Register of Marine Species. Retrieved 17 August Zann; Lesley Bolton September Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments.


Blue Coral

Corals and coral reefs. Bamboo Black Organ pipe Sea fans Sea pens.

Coral bleaching Black band disease Skeletal eroding band White band disease White pox disease. Retrieved from ” https: Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. Views Read Edit View history.

Blue coral – Wikipedia

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