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Honestly I was never familiar with Hyundai. When I started college I decided I need a new car and started my research. I really care how my car looks.

I enjoy sporty and defined look but also quite soft and simple design at the same time. I saw the new Elantra and fell in love. Those lights are beautiful! Especially the tailgate lights! It’s something you would see more on Audi.

What a great surprise! Interior looks so luxurious as well. Lit-up buttons and console with that awesome looking blue light are points worth shot. Whenever I take someone for maanual ridethey’re surprised how well equipped my Elantra is and how luxurious it feels.


I feel the same. When I call from the car, people sometimes cannot believe it, the engine runs so smooth and quiet.

Such a low price for such a great car. Well done on this car, well done! Redesign of vehicle took away the extreme slope of the front windshieldalso took away overall visibility thru the front window. Smaller storage on front doors and center console not welcome. Subdued look of wheels sucks sucks sucks. I hate hate hate the wheel color of my new Elantra. This is a handsome car, from all angles.

Although it is small and comparatively lightit drives solidly. Excellent gas mileage commonly mpg on the highway and comfortable for short or long distances. The 6- speed automaticshiftable transmission is great, and the electronic package is very useful.

I like the fold-down rear seats. Often the publication reviews are written from the perspective of the Sport model, but because most folks by the lessor expensive model, they also ought to review from the SE version or with the basic electronic upgrade package. I think that the Hyundai SE should also come with 4- wheel disc brakes.

Otherwise, the car stops well, just not as firmly as my did. This is a lovely car to drive in almost every way. It gets 43 mpg on the freeway. I only wish that Hyundai had put 4- wheel disc brakes on the Elantra SE, as my previous had. Otherwise, it stops well enough, just doesn’t feel as firm under the pressure of a quick stop.

Hyundai Elantra Owners Manuals

Very happy with it. Got option 3 mainly for the heated seatsbut it is overall excellent value relative to the competition and a much, much improved inside driving experience compared to my model. Thankfully I didn’t have to put up with that automated rearview mirror with all the features I didn’t use that messes up day and night driving.


The wheel locks suck though, will have them taken off next time I have an oil change. A nice little car that satisfies my wife, who is the primary driver. She works three blocks from the house, and doesn’t drive far enough to get improved gas mileage.

The ability to receive instant gas mileage feedback on the dashboard is a nice feature. It is also convenient that the gas mileage display resets each time we fill up the gas tank. We drive about 35 miles to visit our son a couple of times a month, and that is the only time we observe improved gas mileage. I don’t appreciate the rear drum brakes. Although they are functional. I think that feature is a cheesy detractor of the overall vehicle. They are upgrading standard features that are not on the vehicle that I purchased.

Owner’s Manual – Hyundai Maintenance | Hyundai

Not satisfied that they are upgrading standard featuresand I’m stuck with out features that will become standard. Since you are upgrading standard featuresyou should upgrade my car to those new features.

Will definitely consider different manufacturers next time. My manual transmission is great with the exception of the clutch being a bit difficult to smoothly change gears without being jerky, particularly shifting from first to second. I wish I had opted for the automatic and cruise control. Overall, the vehicle has exceeded my expectations, particularly the wonderful fuel mileage! Averaging 46 mpg with mostly highway driving.

I have asked Hyundai previously why they do not place an overhead strap on the driver’s side to aid entrance and exit from the vehicle, when this helpful strap is included on the doorways of the other three doors.

Love the car, get some metal sounds when the car jumps up a gear during acceleration but doesn’t sound serious. Also don’t like Apple CarPlay as it messes with the radio if you are trying to just charge your phone. Wish there was an option to have it just charge and not takeover or force me to hit buttons to get back to radio.

Also, it’s been a little glitchy with reading incoming text messages. Front seats too narrow—both seat and back. Have had only one such occasion in six months with my current Elantra. Touchscreen requires greater pressure than I am used to in other vehicles. Center console storage too far back for ease of egress.

Being an active duty member, I was initially more inclined towards getting the most out of my hard earned dollar. The Hyundai warranty was what some of my mentors suggested when I was considering an economy class vehicle, and the difference was made when experiencing a smooth and sporty ride in an otherwise luxury class car. Thank you for surprising me, and I hope to find something new to purchase on my next enlistment.

I sacrificed luxury for a higher mpg vehicle. Because the driver’s seat and headrest are very uncomfortableI have developed a lumbar stress back condition.

Warranty & Support

With regard to the headrestthe position of it is too far forward. I had to reverse the headrest for comfort on this. It was necessary to purchase a lumbar pillow in order to endure commuting to work. The Hyundai Elantra is a leap ahead for Hyundai. It takes what used to be a stripped-down economy car and makes it attractive and feature rich, while still keeping an economical price point. Hands down the best car value of any car I’ve ever purchased. What’s the deal with no CD player in the model?????


Do you think that people just up and quit listening to them? Not everyone is a technological guru or has a smartphone to access music, and for you to ignore those that aren’t up-to-date with technology is a sign of this company going to the dogs. Hate my car, Hate my car, Hate my car If I made more money, I would have been able to think about buying a different brand instead of being stuck with Hyundai.

The “Sport” feature of the Elantra is no replacement for a car designed with sport or spirited driving in mind. There are too many things to say here about why I am disappointed in my new Elantra. If the vehicle had turning front driver side seatsit would make it easier for me to get out of the car. Hyundai has been a reliable car. This is my third one. I would consider buying one again should I need a new car in the future. The manual is not as user friendly as I would like it to be.

I have had the car about three months. I like the product well enough to comment favorably when people ask how I like the vehicle. I have what I think is a minor problem with the back up camera and will address it at the dealership soon. For future vehicles, make a model with a bigger enginemany people would give extra money for it.

As I was driving, the gearshift out of nowhere shifted to “1. When the gear shifted to “1,” the car revved very loudly and I could only move five miles per hour. It was very scary. Fortunately, I was close to a shopping center and was able to pull in and shut the car off.

Improve leg comfort for long distance trips or for times in vehicle in excess of hours.

Please put the same charge ports that are in the dash under the radio in the back seat under the cup holder in the nyundai of the center console. We drive too much for our jobs, and we put miles on the car in three months. The car is comfortablestrong, and beautiful.

We are satisfied with the purchase, and we hope it is a strong engine and reliable.

Make safety features available on all cars, even though it may be an option. Safety shouldn’t be only for pricier cars.