The IBM® System x M3 builds on the latest Intel Xeon processor technology with extreme processing power and superior energy-management and cooling. The x M5 has outstanding memory performance that is . centralized key management through IBM Security Key Lifecycle Management. The IBM® System x Type server is a 1-U-high1 rack model server for The System x server supports one of the following hard disk drive.

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With twice the performance of previous generations and a flexible, energy-smart design that integrates datashheet components, the x M3 can help you meet demanding workloads at a lower cost per watt.

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Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Did you know? Power supplies Integrated virtualization Remote management Supported operating systems Physical and datqsheet specifications Warranty options Regulatory compliance External disk storage expansion External disk storage systems External backup units Top-of-rack Ethernet switches Uninterruptible power supply units Power distribution units Racks cabinets Rack options IBM Global Financing Related publications and links Related product families Trademarks.

In addition, a built-in altimeter provides more efficient power utilization and lower noise levels. Comprehensive systems management tools such as advanced diagnostics, a cable management arm, and the ability to control resources from a single point make it easy to deploy, integrate, service, and manage.

The server also offers an upgrade to four built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports without consuming an additional PCI Express slot. Key features The challenge of a high-performance business is to do more with less—serve more Web pages, handle more secure connections, support more email users. You need to reduce the costs of doing business and improve the service you deliver to your customers while lowering your overall risk.

It can improve service with reduced operational complexity and increased management functionality. It will lower your IT risk with the resiliency that comes from having no single point of failure.

Performance The x M3 offers numerous features to boost performance and reduce costs: Up to two 6-core Xeon series processors offering superior performance. Flexibility and scalability The x M3 has the ability to grow with your application requirements with these features: Very high density computing in a 1U dual-socket server. A datasbeet of 4-core or 6-core processors with clock rates from 1.

Up to eight hot-swap 2. Manageability and security Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x M3: Human readable event logs — no more beep codes. Complete out-of-band coverage by the Advance Settings Utility to simplify remote setup. A complete setup solution, allowing adapter configuration functions to be moved into UEFI. It also supports highly secure remote power control using data encryption.

IBM Systems Director is included z3550 proactive systems management. IBM Systems Director also offers extended systems management tools for additional server management and increased availability. When a problem is encountered, IBM Systems Director can issue administrator alerts via email, pager, and other methods. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager provides advanced power management features with actual real-time energy monitoring, reporting, and capping features.


Availability and serviceability The System x M3 provides many features datasheeg simplify serviceability and increase system uptime: Chipkill memory is up to 16 times better than standard ECC memory datasheey correcting memory errors. This can help reduce downtime caused by memory errors. The x M3 offers memory mirroring for redundancy in the event of a non-correctable memory failure.

Toolless cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts, such as HDDs and memory. This means less time and therefore less money spent servicing the x M3. dtaasheet

Features and specifications – IBM System x M3

The server offers hot-swap and redundant fan modules and power supplies and hot-swap disk drives redundant when implemented in conjunction with a RAID controller. These features mean greater system uptime. Toolless slides ship with the server, together with a cable management arm CMAthat allows the rack server to easily slide into place.

The drop-down light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead the technician to failed or failing components. This simplifies servicing, speeds up problem resolution, and helps improve system availability. The three-year parts and labor limited onsite warranty provides peace of mind and greater investment protection than a one-year warranty does.

Energy efficiency The System x M3 has an energy-efficient design with features including the following: Low-voltage processors draw less energy and produce less waste heat than high-voltage processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. Available 4-core Xeon series processors use only 40 W and 6-core processors consume as little as 60 W. The x M3 uses hexagonal ventilation holes in the chassis.

Hexagonal holes can be grouped more densely than round holes, providing more efficient airflow through the system chassis. This ultimately results in reduced operational costs.

An altimeter works in conjunction with the IMM to govern fan rotation based on the readings that it delivers. This saves money under normal conditions because the fans do not have to spin at high speed. Locations of key components Figure 2 shows the front of the server, with datashfet components identified. Standard specifications Table 1.

Processor Up to two six-core up to 3. Memory cache Up to 12 MB L3. Disk datasheeet bays Up to eight 2. Maximum internal storage Up to 7. If used, the maximum number of HDD bays is limited to 4. Tape drive bays None. External ports Two USB 2.

One internal USB port for embedded hypervisor. Altimeter is to control fan speed based on atmospheric pressure. Hot-swap components Hard drives, power supplies, fans. Maximum resolution is x at 75 Hz with 16M colors.

Standard models The following table lists the standard models. All models are withdrawn from marketing as of June 30, The System x M4 is a suitable replacement. Express models The following table lists the express models. Express models are typically only available in certain countries. Processor options Features of the Intel Xeon processors used in the x M3 include: Each processor has its own dedicated memory that it accesses directly through an Integrated Memory Igm.


In cases where a processor needs to access the dedicated memory of another processor, it can do so through the high-speed QPI that links all the processors. Turbo Boost Technology dynamically turns off unused processor cores and increases the clock speed of the cores in use. For example, with three cores active, a 2. With only one or two cores active, the same processor can run those cores at 2.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which boosts performance for multi-threaded applications by enabling simultaneous multi-threading within each processor core, up to two threads per core.

IBM System x M3 (Withdrawn) Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

Hyper-Threading reduces computational latency, thereby making optimal use of every clock cycle. Intelligent Power Capability powers individual processor elements on and off as needed, to reduce power draw. Execute Disable Bit functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow dahasheet when combined with a supporting operating system. Intel Virtualization Technology integrates hardware-level virtualization hooks that allow operating system vendors to better utilize the hardware for virtualization workloads.

The server supports the processor options listed in the following table. The server supports up to two processors. The table shows which server models have each processor standard. If there is no corresponding where-used model for a particular processor, then this model is only available through CTO. IBM memory specifications are integrated into the light path diagnostics for immediate system performance feedback and optimum system uptime.

The server has 18 DIMM slots. When datasheef processor is installed, then only nine DIMM slots can be used. When two processors are installed, then all 18 DIMM slots can be used. RDIMMs can be populated three per channel. Maximum memory speed is limited by memory speed supported by the specific CPU that is, if the CPU only supports MHz, then the memory speed cannot exceed MHz in any case and by the number and type of DIMMs installed whatever is loweras follows: Intel Xeon series processors: The server supports both 1.

Intel Xeon series processor-based systems do not support 1. The following memory protection technologies are supported: Memory sparing is only supported in systems with Intel Xeon series processors installed.

The following table lists memory options available for x M3 server. The following table shows the option available for x M3 server to add four additional hot-swap drive bays.

Features and specifications

If the server already has an optical disk drive installed, the drive must be removed first. Controllers for internal storage The following table lists the RAID controllers and additional options used for internal disk storage. Internal drive options The following table lists hard drive options for internal disk storage of x M3 datsheet.