Check out this Script reader who passed on THE INBETWEENERS! AKA one of the biggest cult British TV comedies ever. Where did they go. A script for the forthcoming Inbetweeners movie has allegedly been leaked. The Sun claims to have read the screenplay for the E4 comedy’s. The Inbetweeners is an award-winning comedy series airing on the British TV channel E4. It is based on the lives of four teenage boys in their last years of.

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No, not really, Neil. Donovan’s tied me to a chair. He says no-one’s allowed to touch me. Just so you know, he’s stood about 10 foot away from us.


He didn’t hear that, did he? Yep, he’s heard that one. Sorry, we’re not allowed to untie you. You know how much I love chavs. I go there all the time. I rest my case.

To be fair, they’ve now got a Nando’s. The hallmark of quality! I actually like Nando’s. Well, whatever you lot get up to this weekend, I won’t be there. Who will supply the witticisms? I’ll be up to my nuts in some guts, shagging those two sisters from Caravan Club. Inbetweener the Camber Sands meeting, which is always like a massive orgy.

Except it’s not, though, is it? It’s holidays for old people. I’m sorry, did someone say something? Was Bin Boy giving it the big ‘un? It’s funny how you never get any girls around here, yet away on Caravan Club you’re like some sort of gypsy Russell Brand.

I wouldn’t shag any of the skanky girls around here, mate. Except for your mum, obviously. If you don’t believe me, inbetweenerz you lot should come down to Camber Sands. Even Bin Boy might get some sex! I’m definitely up for that. Oh, you don’t have to. No, if I have to sleep in a caravan to prove you’re lying, then I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

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Then we’ll see who’s lying. See you at lunch. Good, now Donovan’s in trouble. Let me guess, no-one saw how this happened. I suppose you tripped. No, sir, what happened was Sorry, McKenzie, you’re about to grass, are you? If there’s one thing no-one likes, it’s a grass. So I will ask you how this happened and you will reply, “I tripped.

The Inbetweeners s01e05 Episode Script

How did this happen? Thanks to Gilbert’s disdain for informers, I was left tied to the chair for the rest of the day. The one good thing is we called Jay’s bluff. This was the classic win-win situation. If by some miracle, Caravan Club was full of girls, then we might get laid, but if it was full of weird old people and chavs, which it would be, then Jay would never live it down, so with high hopes, we hit the open road in Simon’s shitty little yellow car.

The Inbetweeners, Series 1 Quotes

How fast can this thing go, then, do you reckon? It’s the special edition, so I reckon it could probably top a ton. It’s a pretty good car. I thought your dad had forbidden you from going over He’s not here, is he? We could leave it there. Oh, my God, we’re gonna die! Simon, if you survive and I don’t, give this message to my Mum – “Simon killed me. Yeah, not too bad. No idea what it says, but I’m pretty sure it’s not English.

There’s an I, then an H, then a V. He says he wants us to pick him up at the garage just outside Camber Sands and he’ll show us how to get to the caravan park. Thank you, Sceipt Dolittle. Cos he talks to the animals.

I’m not following you. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis Oh, and he’s also buying a jumbo pack of ribbed johnnies. Does anyone else need some? Despite Simon’s best efforts, we made it to Camber Sands alive. We’d arranged to meet Jay at the service station, and though Simon could just about drive a car, getting petrol into it still remained a mystery. Christ, I forgot about this shitheap. I don’t think even I could help you get laid in that. Have you ever used one of these before?


Are you sure you actually passed your test? How many times did you have to suck off srcipt instructor?! You want to park it a bit closer, Si. I’m gonna go check out the clunge mags. Pump number six, do you need assistance? I think I might go and stretch my legs a bit, too.

What’s so funny, then? It’s your mum in this mag. Yes, very droll, well done. No, look, it ijbetweeners looks like your mum’s face.

That is definitely your mum’s snatch. I just got a text from this girl at the Caravan Club. I texted her your photo. Jay says you’ve “got a cool car as well. She’s seen a picture of you. Let’s get back one of her. With her tits out. Might be a bit early in the relationship for that, Neil. What shall I write? I’ll be there in half an hour.

All right, I’ve put, “Can’t wait to meet up. Smiley with a wink. No, the winky face is the mark of a moron. It’s a picture of her with her sister Suzanne.

I told you there was fit birds, and there’s plenty more where they came from.

I think I’m actually gonna get laid. Oh, my God, sisters! Eirst rule of Caravan Club is that everyone gets some. Second rule of Caravan Club is, don’t tell anyone about the first rule, cos it’s a massive lie. Pump number six, please, and these. Do you want a bag for these? OK, admittedly Jay knew some girls, but driving into the caravan park, it didn’t look like the kind of place you’d have an orgy.

The Inbetweeners s01e05 Episode Script | SS

It looked like a field with some old tents in it. Welcome to my world. Where are all these women, then?