Informatica consists of the following components: Node – a representation of a server running the PowerCenter Server software. Domain. But it always works good to have a knowledge on the architecture that Beyond Informatica version , PowerCenter possesses a Service. Start > All Programs > Informatica PowerCenter > Services > Stop Informatica PowerCenter Mapping Architect for Visio (Data Stencil?).

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To understand any tool or technology, the first and foremost strategy is to understand the Architecture.

I have always been wondering to understand the Informatica PowerCenter architecture and here it is simplified. PowerCenter is an Informatica environment that allows you to pull data from multiple Sources and load into various Targets. Basically, its helps you load data into a centralized location such as a Data warehouse or an Operational Data Source.

What makes PowerCenter more powerful is the availability of various transformations that allows you to transform the data as per the desired Business logic and load into heterogeneous targets. SOA is an architecture where the Business Informaticz and all the other operations are connected and managed by Functions and Services.


PowerCenter x Architecture Diagram

A Service is a representation of a software agent which connects and interacts between the service provider and the consumer. A Service acts as an intermediate towards providing the desired job when the owner sends a request.

Also manages connections to the PowerCenter repository. It is normally a multi-threaded process that retrieves, inserts, and updates metadata in the repository database tables. The Informatica repository is a relational database that stores information, or metadata, used by the Informatica Server and Client tools.

Informatica PowerCenter 8.x/9.x Architecture Simplified | Samay Pattnayak’s Blog

This is the actual storage of Informatica PowerCenter. Its data about the data.

It can also be referred as the Structure of the data without containing the actual data. I hope, you should be at least having some idea on the PowerCenter architecture as of now.

Informatica Architecture Tutorial

It always works good to have some knowledge on the Architecture for various benefits. One of the most important could be cracking an Interview. The information which you have provided is very good and easily understood.


It is very useful who is looking for informatica Online Training. InformaticaTricky Informatica Concepts. August 23, at 4: August 23, at archietcture August 24, at August 27, at 5: November 13, at 2: Out of all thea single node is called as the Gateway node Is it Domain or Node? December 23, at 8: Yes, Out of all the nodes, a single node is informatca as the Gateway node It is a Node.