Introduction to visual basic: programming. Introduction to turbo C programming / by Pepito, Copernicus P. Publication: Mandaluyong: National Book. – An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming: Turbo Pascal Edition. Savitch, Walter J., An Introduction to the Art and. Title: Introduction to turbo c programming by copernicus pepito pdf, Author: Cecylia Borkowska, Name: Introduction to turbo c programming by.

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I cannot do this…… I followed all the steps but mine is not working………. Eddie Try the same logic in vb not vb script. With a little work and touch up you can make a good one than this one….

It can handles sentences an d new lines also. Or alternatively you can just find and replace all of those!!!! Microsoft VBScript compilation error. I have played around with removing certain ones but to no avail. I am running Win7 x This is not working for me…. When ever i tried to open that vbs file i get an error… Please help me…. If you are having problems your problem might be how you are saving it put the name of your file lets say encryption. I did this and it worked for me. Is there anything I did wrong?


I used notepad and have Windows Starter Edition. Worked Like a charm, and I even advanced the characters ahead by 10 points so that the encryption will be more complex instead of just three spaces.

Invalid procedure call of argument Code: Sir Please teach me How can I Secure my software? Also teach me How can I create a playback password for all computers.

Introduction to Turbo C Programming by Copernicus P. Pepito | LibraryThing

Users only need to enter password one time for all files that encrypted by same Encryption Key and same Product ID. Is there a JavaScript version of this? You must be logged in to post a comment.

Bag – 0 No products in the cart. The programming language we will be using is VB Script.

See if you can decrypt this text:. Marco Log in to Reply. Your future looks bright from the description.

WSF Log in to Reply. Hey i have a mac and what are i going to progrxmming the file as? Ian Log in to Reply. Heres is the encrypted part fixed! Daniel Log in to Reply. Nathan G Log in to Reply. Vineeth Log in to Reply.

Matthew Log in to Reply. Tyler Log in to Reply.

Introduction to Turbo C Programming

Microsoft VBScript compilation error any help?? Jon Log in to Reply. Cal Log in to Reply. Anon42 Log in to Reply. Mike Log in to Reply. Thanks Ian, your script works excellent in Windows 7 64 bit. Anon Log in to Reply. Jake Log in to Reply. Joemar Log in to Reply. Susanta Log in to Reply. Mohit Log in to Reply.


Anthony Log in to Reply. LOL Log in to Reply. Jay Log in to Reply. Adam Log in to Reply. Alex Log in to Reply. Can someone put copernivus link to download it?

Electroalek Log in to Reply. Here is all fixed: I changed mine a little. Ro this text and make it say message: Vincenzo Log in to Reply. I have 3 questions. Jackson Log in to Reply. If you need me to tell you why you need to do it, then I suggest not doing it. Divyang Log in to Programmung. Jack Durrant Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.