Iomega StorCenter ixd (4TB) overview and full product specs on CNET. The 12TB StorCenter ixd Network Storage, Cloud Edition Server from Iomega is a network storage server, perfect for use in small offices, workgroups, and. Iomega StorCenter ixd, Cloud Edition Network Storage. Network Storage, Cloud Edition Compact desktop network storage for small offices and remote.

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It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux clients.

Business users will be happy with the vast functionality of the device. It can be connected to a UPS monitoring port, act i4-200d a print server of Axis IP security camera server, and supports rsync device-to-device data replication. Support for Microsoft’s Active I4-200d, user quotas, and user-replaceable drives round out the server’s impressive professional feature set. This allows media files stored on the drive to be streamed to DLNA-certified devices — whose members include many popular digital media players.

It also features a BitTorrent client, which allows you to download files shared on the popular peer-to-peer file sharing network ix-200d to the drive — making it possible to download files when your computer is powered down! No Longer Available Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh ix4-200s delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. JBOD mode is also available. Network File Protocols Supported: Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with Jumbo frame support ioemga high performance embedded architecture.

Ease of Use Simple three step setup — Simply plug into your router, power on, and install the software CD User friendly web-based management interface Ioomega Interface accessible in 16 supported languages Simple Content Sharing Access files from any networked Windows, Apple or Linux computer for iomsga file sharing Easily share content with friends and family outside of your home using the exclusive Iomega Personal Cloud feature.

Invited guests will have access to read and write to files and folders on your network drive. There’s no need ionega e-mail file attachments Built-in photo slide-show sharing feature — easily select and share your digital pictures on the web File distribution made easy — drop files into a designated distribution folder, and all of jx4-200d on the distribution list automatically get an e-mail with either the files attached, or a link to download the files Remote Access Connect securely from anywhere in the world and get full access to pictures, videos, files and administration of the StorCenter ixd through a personalized web address Upload and share files and folders directly from iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices while iomgea the road Functions as a client member in an Active Directory domain, ix4-00d the StorCenter ixd to utilize the domain’s users and groups.

Windows DFS organizes folders and files on a network, such that they appear to be all in one directory tree on a single Iomega StorCenter system, even if the folders reside on many devices in many different locations. Automatic hard drive spin-down assures that the server uses as little power as possible. Support for USB-enabled UPS units allows for unattended system shutdown in the case of power failure — protecting you against data loss. The System Status screen is a consolidated resource on space utilization, device information, and status.

In addition, you can manage controls such as device restart from here. E-mail alerts and Event Logging provide up-to-the minute updates on the status of your device even when you are away from your computer.

Create shared iTunes libraries so that all your music can be accessed in one place.

Social Media Sharing Made Easy Convenient folders that automatically integrate with your social media accounts. Multiple accounts are no problem — just create another folder for each account Files dropped into your Facebook folder are automatically uploaded to your Facebook page Files dropped into your Flickr folder are automatically added to the designated Ix4-2000d photo oomega Videos dropped into your YouTube folder are automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel The Iomega ixd manages peer-to-peer BitTorrent file transfers without the need of a dedicated PC.

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IP cameras from other manufacturers can recode to a Share, but are not automatically discovered. Also compatible with today’s most common backup software applications Time Machine support allows Apple users to easily backup any Mac computers running OS X Io,ega Data Protection Native Security Support — With robust username and password authorized access Create additional users and secure their content with password protection User Quotas — Easily manage capacity by setting maximum limits per user RSA BSAFE technology protects installs and upgrades Data Protection Software — Iomega’s full suite of data protection software is available for download.

Iomega Personal Cloud Iomega Personal Cloud is the revolutionary technology that allows you to protect and share your data. Unlike public and private cloud applications, Iomega’s Personal Cloud technology is completely self-owned — so the content and accessibility is always under your control. Users around the globe can sync files directly between computers as though they were on a local network. Easily set up a shared workspace so that local and remote users can view and edit documents spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents, for example — especially useful for helping geographically dispersed workers collaborate.

Sending large files can quickly choke your company’s email system. And e-mailing sensitive files can raise security concerns. Iomega Personal Cloud offers functionality that makes it easy to securely copy and transfer large or confidential files. Iomega Personal Cloud allows you to choose who has access to what data by invitation only. And, users can choose from three levels of security when sending data over a public network.

At many smaller companies, locally stored files are at risk from theft, fire, software problems, and hardware failure. Cloud storage offers built in redundancy at every level: Once the system is set up ix4-20d is almost no maintenance.

You still have to manage user accounts, but jobs like array maintenance and monitoring the health of your data storage simply go away. Archiving older files to a remote StorCenter frees up space on your primary StorCenter uomega for day-to-day business needs. Less capacity required for primary storage saves you money. Keeping a redundant copy of your data in an offsite location ensures availability in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Remote backups can run in the background after business hours to eliminate network bottlenecks. Added Iomeva During the warranty period, Ix4-20d provides with this device a dedicated customer support phone line for handling all problems, troubleshooting, and return inquiries: Only units found to be iomga can be returned, and Iomega will make every effort to resolve any problems over the phone first.

Capacity 12TB Bays 4x 3. Rated 5 out of 5 by fynnlennox from Bundled with features My StorCenter ixd came fully loaded with 12TB capacity and I have no regrets with the backup facility or any other feature of the NAS.

Running VMware images from the unit was simple on my Mac machine. My ixd runs round the clock and so far I have not noticed any issues like over heating or noise.

I constantly backup files onto the unit and the device is iomegq ready for more. It was a pleasant surprise to note that automated emails keep me updated on any errors that the ixd confronts. As far as rating is concerned I would give it a five pointer oimega my scale of five for its ease to use, value added features and low maintenance. Rated 4 out of 5 by Ovetaleigh from Connects to multiple cloud enabled devic Though Iomega promised easy access across networks I encountered a problem.

The issue was, I was able to access my Iomega StorCenter ixd using my Wi-Fi but the same was not accessible when I connected over Verizon network. I was stuck at this point.

I though I can imoega the same port as the ISM but this was not the case I had to change the port for personal cloud. The apps worked fine and I was able to navigate. The greatest advantage is that imega application was able to connect to multiple cloud enabled devices. Connecting to the devices was easy as all Ix4–200d needed to do was to give the Personal cloud name, IP address or DNS name to connect to the devices.


Rated 4 out iomeg 5 by Idalee from Grab it now! At last I found out a suitable centralized storage facility with all the network features for my business. Backup was a breeze with the Ilmega StorCenter ixd network storage device. The storage and backup is simple and you cannot get a better device in the market for this price.

It is a simplified NAS device that guarantees remote access. I was able to access my data on the ixd from anywhere using iomsga web based remote access. This is not all; the personal cloud technology of Iomega is superior and allows me to keep my content under control.

To top it all there is no usage fee or subscription charges. Rated 5 out of 5 by Vicojouel from Green device The unit came a long time ago and may be obsolete as Iomega has come up with more versatile and modern NAS arrays but nevertheless, the StorCenter ixd is still the pride of my office. Despite being around for quite some time, the device is never obsolete as far as technology is concerned.

The ix4 was easy to install and configure. The firmware can be upgraded. Moreover, I would call the ix4 a green device as it does not emit heat or noise while running and has the capability to run on minimum power when the disks are not spinning. Rated 5 out of 5 by Robinpascal from Nothing bad about the NAS I bought the StorCenter ixd NAS for my personal use and ix4-20d up the media storage for streaming through Xbox and the performance has been tremendous so far.

I really enjoy this NAS. There are several things that need to be done before the NAS is up that includes NFS file share and a link that is4-200d to web administration page.

There is nothing bad about the device as it is tough and works great. It is a modern looking device and there is no need to hide ix4-200c in the basement.

The RAID array took some time to build but I did not mind this inconvenience as what mattered was that the data has to be safe. Rated 5 out of 5 by Zettielee from Administrator’s delight The StorCenter ixd is an administrator’s delight.

Iomega IXd Firmware Update To Latest Version – Lenovo Community

Instead of using the routine windows storage server Iomega has tried the Linux which is a novel idea. My requirement was simple, I needed the NAS to support file serving protocols like server message block compatible with windows and ix4 supported this fine. Another requirement was I wanted the NAS to connect to my active director based network and that also works absolutely fine. The NAS also had security features intact to protect from disk failure.

Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d

This has made it exclusive when compared to other rival products in the market. The PC less BitTorrent downloads has made this device popular among movie buffs. The Mac support also is great on this device. The device works smoothly on Iomeag OS X machines.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Davi from All in one You name it, it is here! The multiple RAID configurations ensure that the data is protected at all times. Ioemga dual gigabit Ethernet connectivity facilitates remote access. File sharing is made easy with iSCSI block access. There are loads of other features that can increase the performance of small offices. Space is abundant enough to store all my data.

Though it is bulkier, I have found a place for it in my room where it is tucked away safely without any hindrance to anyone. This NAS machine is definitely a cool machine to operate and maintain. Be the first to review this item. See any errors on this page?