High inside a secret mountain fortress, the Nizari Ismaili, a small Muslim sect, struck The original ‘Assassins’: Medieval warriors of Alamut. The Ismaili Assassins has 54 ratings and 9 reviews. Steve said: Legend has it that high inn the hills of Persia there existed lush castles with fragrant. A small Shiite sect more properly known as the Nizari Ismailis, the Assassins were relatively few, geographically dispersed, and despised as.

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However, in the past several years, nothing has compared with the fast-spreading and pervasive phenomenon of the Assassins Creed video game franchise in both popularity and creativity in utilizing the historical and legendary material related to the Assassins. The Assassins were, in fact, a medieval Islamic sect whose story is only now becoming clearer to scholars and who, through games such as Assassins Creedhave become associated in the Western mind non-Muslim as well as Muslim with reason-based enlightenment and a form of agnosticism, a reality in which truth is both transcendental and unattainable.

Drawing upon legends from Crusader accounts and polemical literature, these authors have painted a picture of an entire religious sect mobilized for murder, drawn to martyrdom by the lure of paradise, and utilizing hashish as a stimulant during their assassination missions.

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Did the Nizaris assssins assassination to remove their theological and political opponents? This is where myth and fact intersect. From the outset, it is important to establish that the Order of Assassins did in fact exist. These warriors were among the best-trained and disciplined in the known world.

It is far too easy to look to the Assassins and assume that murder lay at the heart of their existence. This tactic was simply that: The Assassins were extremely effective as they ensured that oppressive local governors, overly-inquisitive theologians, determined viziers, and even the Seljuk sultan himself, met their demise by their blades; as such, despite their extremely small numbers, they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.


This hostility on the part of the Islamic world prompted the Nizaris to withdraw to their secure fortresses at Alamut and Masyaf, where they continued to adhere to their beliefs and cultivate a series of complex alliances in order to ensure their political survival. Suggestions range from illicit hashish-driven sexual activities to occult-like ceremonies in which demons were summoned, or sometimes a strange combination of both.

Who Were the Assassins? |

Once xssassins casts these fantastical stories aside, it becomes iamaili that the Assassins were far more sophisticated and developed than one would otherwise assume. This was especially significant since it gave the Assassins and the Abbasids the opportunity to present a united front against the rising power of the Mongols.

Unfortunately, this reconciliation was largely symbolic and came too late to save the Muslim community from the impending catastrophe. Alamut fell to Mongol armies in and Baghdad was conquered in In both cases, the populations were subjected to extreme violence and the massive libraries incinerated.

After the late-thirteenth century, it becomes virtually osmaili to document the activities of the Assassins. The Nizaris in Syria, whose last stronghold at Masyaf was conquered by the Mamluks inwere apparently allowed to continue to exist and were employed as blades-for-hire by the authorities, a miserable existence for those who once pushed the limits of theological inquiry and thrived on intellectual and political independence.

Unfortunately, most of the works written by the Nizaris have been totally destroyed and we are left with little more than hundreds upon hundreds of titles of works that existed, but were systematically burned on the order of the Mongol conquerors of Syria iemaili Iran in the 13th century.


They didnt eat hash thats bull colombus listened too the sunnis and started going around sayin the assasins eat hash even though he never came acros one his hole life he just heard hear say from sunnis who didnt like shias.

Also, what does Columbus have to do with this? And not without cause, either.

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The Ismaili Assassins: A History of Medieval Murder by James Waterson

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