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Veja nosso texto completo no link abaixo: http Preciso desenhar? Foram 32 semanas nesse ranking, o principal do mundo. Ela chegou ao sexto lugar nos Estados Unidos e ao quarto no Reino Unido. No fim dos anos 90, foi gravada uma cover punk rock do Offspring. O PL traz ainda propos Eles buscam pressionar os deputados para votarem contra o projeto. Consequentemente, o posicionamento melhora. Nossa posi Curta o som
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Veja nosso texto completo no link abaixo: http Preciso desenhar? Foram 32 semanas nesse ranking, o principal do mundo. Ela chegou ao sexto lugar nos Estados Unidos e ao quarto no Reino Unido.

No fim dos anos 90, foi gravada uma cover punk rock do Offspring. O PL traz ainda propos Eles buscam pressionar os deputados para votarem contra o projeto. Consequentemente, o posicionamento melhora. Nossa posi Curta o som Musica NoReply Sonzera. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of L. Music on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account?

Not Now. Visitor Posts. Marinalva Alves de Macedo. Valdecir Hoffmann. Marinalva Macedo. Boa noite! See More. Information about Page Insights Data. The author owns both rights morals and heritage to a song, but what's the difference between one and another? Moral right is one that cannot be surrendered, transferred or resigned, that is, the author cannot transfer to another person even if he wants to, because it is yours and no one else's right. This means that the right is inalienable and irreparable cannot abdicate , as well as being linked to the author's personality.

Ecad announced measures to facilitate the payment of copyright for the songs played in hotel rooms, at this critical moment that the economic sector is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, and amid the debate on the payment of copyright for the songs played in the rooms of hotels. It is important to reinforce that copyright is not a tribute and is guaranteed to artists by laws and by the Federal Constitution ", says Ecad executive superintendent Isabel Amorim.

To calculate the amount to be paid for the sound of rooms, Ecad considers the occupation rate if the hotel updated this percentage next to Ecad during the pandemic. If the establishment has not updated this information after the pandemic begins, the calculation will take into account the previously reported rate. The Ecad points out that the establishments that are still closed should not pay the copyright. According to the office, the payment of copyright for music played in hotel rooms is guaranteed to holders in several countries around the world, in contrast to the discussion proposed by PL 3.

In countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Israel, what is taken into consideration is the author's right to charge for public use of his work.

The Brazilian collective management, formed by music associations and Ecad, continues to fight to guarantee the right of the artistic class to receive copyright for the availability of radio and TV appliances in hotel rooms. The possible return of the Ecad tax, which is the copyright charge, for the availability of music in hotel rooms, motels and cruises is leaving Senator Soraya Thronicke PSL of 'standing hair'.

That's because the parliamentarian who next to the family owns a network of motels in Campo Grande, thinks it's wrong to charge around 0,60 cents on average per day for the payment of musicians and composers. The Ecad fee Central Office of Storage and Distribution was a compulsory charge for all rooms with appliances that play music. Thus, owners of motels, hotels and cruises became exempt from payments on the grounds of improving the sector and barate trips and tour packages.

The problem is that the music sector claims to have damage and is asking for the return of the charge. The subject is controversial: on one side there are musicians who quote depending on the rate to survive and on the other the hotel network claiming abuse in charge.

But that value doesn't reach his pocket! Ecad charging hotels that's it! And from the hotel straight to the residences, it will be a blink. Do I need to draw? I won't give you guys a break! The biggest discussion about the charge is regarding the common areas of hotels and motels. The senator is against charge in bedrooms and quotes that the environment is not common area. If we don't pay Ecad on what we hear in the house, we also shouldn't pay for what we hear inside the hotel room. And you, artist, how do you control this? In response to one of the posts, Bruna Campos quoted that she owns the publisher Rede Pura and that several MS composers live only on what the rate provides.

In Mato Grosso do Sul live some of Brazil's greatest composers and artists and all of them for more than a decade live copyright collected and distributed by Ecad. So it was in the vote on the recent urgency request for a bill, i. This request, which makes no sense 23 years later, was approved by the House on Thursday, dragging all kinds of payment exemption requests that pile up there, ranging from hotel rooms to gymnastics academies, going through cults and public power itself.

First of all, it is essential to know that Ecad is not a public body nor has it lived on public money since it was created in The Ecad is a private monopoly, empowered by the public authority, subject to defined regulatory and supervisory instruments , which administers rights guaranteed by the Constitution. In a country with continental dimensions like Brazil it is essential to have a centralizing entity of the storage of public execution rights, because the other option would be the chaos of each one for themselves, of those who arrive first, or worse, of the most powerful one who takes everything.

But take what? Ecad raises the values due by music users performed in public environments because it was authorized by the authors. Yes, it is in our Constitution and in law 9. Have you ever imagined having to ask permission from each of the seven copyright societies to hold an event?

Many songwriters, singers, singers and musicians fought to improve Ecad's performance until they finally succeeded in Since then, every effort has been made to make Ecad increasingly fair and transparent, a faithful representative of interests of the creators of music. Ecad bothers those who don't recognize the righteous right of creators to live from the financial return of their creation.

It's been 32 weeks in that ranking, the world's leading. She reached sixth place in the United States and fourth in the UK. Morris denies that he copied the song and says the resemblance is coincidental. Since the release of the original in , more than versions have been recorded, including one of Elvis Presley. The King of Rock recording is not part of the singer's official discography. In the late 90's, a punk rock cover was recorded by Offspring. Once again the artistic community is harshly attacked by parliamentary acting. Two bills that plot in the House of Representatives aim to exempt some sectors from copyright payment.

The project was proposed in and is based on the idea that the State, as well as the entities providing services to society, is not for profit and that the remission of that payment would not represent a significant part of the decrease in payments due to the composers.

The foundation of the project consists of the idea that the room or cabin would be an extension of the guest's residence, thus not being a place of collective frequency. The project actually resurrects an issue that had previously been the subject of the Provisional Measure which is no longer converted into law by pressure from the artistic class click here to learn more.

This manoeuvre speeds up the handling of the text and waives the requirement of formalities. In practice, the proposal can be taken to plenary at any time for approval.

Several artists have posted on their social media messages of rejection of bills that exempt these entities from copyright payment.

LA Music is contrary to the approval of any measures aimed at reducing the remuneration of the artistic class. We're all TogetherMusic Translated. Music community mobilizes against resolution that exempts public bodies and philanthropic entities from the payment of copyright for the execution of musical and lyrical works.

The PL also brings together proposals that extend exemptions, including, in the group of beneficiaries, hotel, motels and transport owners.

The music community has been positioning itself against the resolution, seen as an attack on the artistic class, especially in a context in which industry workers are in a delicate situation due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. They seek to pressure deputies to vote against the project.

Fonte: mundodamusicamm. The company predicts 1,2 billion streaming subscribers in , against last year's million. There's a low registration fee to put on a playlist or select a new station recommended for us ", said Matthew Zawadzki, for Fast Company, assistant professor of psychology at the University of California-Merced. And variety is usually really important to us ". Source: mundodamusicamm. In the United States, the Billboard Hot remains the main benchmark of success. In Brazil, without an official stop, thermometer is even the list of the most listened to Spotify Brazil.

That's where artists crave the best positions and if that happens, they gain prestige in the market. However, it is not easy to enter the top of Brazil.

On average, you can't get into the top 5 without at least By comparison, we returned to the parade of this same August 10, only in Coming back another year in Charlie Puth's Attention was in the same position with , plays.

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