HOME · UP. 15″ Low Frequency Driver Circa Courtesy of Rick Riessen © Harman International. Trying to figure out if the JBL H 15″ Speaker was offered in an enclosure. Trying to find a couple for a project and was thinking this might. Max Pwr. wRMS. Magnet Wt. 80 oz. Foam Surround Net Weight 22 lbs. Box 6cf, 44x17x18″ Box 12cf, 44x29x21″, Cone Sq.”;sq.M. Eff/Max SPL 93/.

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Sometimes the back of the magnets have a nice aluminum identification plate, and sometimes they don’t. The white stamping on it looks similar to that of what I have on a couple of my H.

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The white writing on the cone is indicative of JBL’s assembly practice. The “goop” around the edge of the cone indicates a little sloppy of a re-foam maybe they used rubber cement instead of the typical white water-based adhesive that dries clear. So, I can’t say for sure, but it certainly has the tell-tale signs of authenticity.


Others in the group here have professional experience and should be able to chime in. Can you give us a picture of the front of the cone?

Svollmer said the most of the relevant thing that I could thought of. But, if the driver has been reconed earlier with a type of cone kit other than then you will have another Fs than for a real H 20 Hz.

For to be absolutely sure do a measure of the drivers Fs free air resonance It should be as near as 20 Hz. If you cant do it your self maybe a reconer can do it for you? What about showing a picture of the front too? That shall help identify the 2235j, not just the basket. No guarantees of either. Driver has obviously been refoamed, to the back, and a lousy job at that.

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Thank you so much. Originally Posted by svollmer. In your original pic, there is a white stamped number on the cone at the far right. See if they can get you the number or the pic. There is a standard 5 digit number that JBL used for their cone number.


If that is the correct number, it jjbl indicate the correct cone. Seeing as the grease pencil info indicates a recone done inI’m betting its a genuine JBL recone part, simply because inAFAIK, there were no aftermarket parts available in use. Similar Threads H sub help All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.