Card to Wallet: The Book [Jerry Mentzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Magic book. Card to wallet: The book [Jerry Mentzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Card To Wallet book by Jerry Mentzer – Jerry Mentzer – Card To Wallet book PDF The Card to Wallet effect is one of the strongest possible.

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Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators.

Card To Wallet book by Jerry Mentzer

The trick has been featured by famous magical entertainers and technicians alike. Card to Wallet-The Book is devoted exclusively to this classic magic effect! Highly acclaimed by magic experts!

If you plan to buy a wallet the book is an excellent source of information to inform and aid you in your decision. If you already own one or more wallets, you will find this book a treasure trove of fresh ideas and methods for the trick!

Selected card vanishes from deck to appear in a small vinyl wallet. Card to wallet using a normal bi-fold wallet and sleight uerry hand 10 Banded: Card to wallet, but the wallet is wrapped with a rubber band 11 Bandit Card to Wallet Richard Bartram: Selection is turned face down in face up deck.

Jerry Mentzer – Card To Wallet book [2amwtwnfz9jw] – $ : MagicCN Store

The wallet is removed, and the selection has vanished from the deck, to be found in the wallet. With alternate handlings 14 Double Wallop Dan Tong: Two different cards travel to an ungimmicked wallet one after another 15 Endless Combinations: Using a sallet secretary type wallet that can be examined before the card appears.


No palm method, but card is not signed. April Pallbearers Review: Uses a pocket secretary wallet with a note pad bound at the side, not the top.

Magic Methods

Teaches the Fan Top Change. A card with an X on it is shown in a wallet.

A card is selected by the spectator, and when the wallet is removed, the X card has changed to the yo 27 The E. Easy Commercial card to banded wallet. Card non-signed is torn and found in banded wallet in zippered compartment, except for missing piece.

July 86 Linking Ring: Card is signed and lost in the deck. A second spectator cut to a card, and it is placed in the wallet. Wallet is removed and card shown, but it is not the signed card. Cut card prediction matches, and signed card is found between the bills in the wallet. Miscellaneous And Theory 33 Introduction – Miscellany: About skill, About timing, Gimmicked vs.

March Linking Ring: Uses a specially “m” gimmicked wallet. The Card Magic of Le Paul: Tom’s version of this classic no-palm card to wallet effect Mullica Wallet Variation Tom Mullica: Wallet is shown empty before card is chosen, and a card is seen xard the wallet as soon as it is opened. A transposition of one card in the wallet and one in the deck.


Scotties take on the Mullica Wallet routine, uses a slightly modified wallet. Magician’s attempts to locate two selections seem to fail until the very end The Wallet Game David Solomon: Begins with transposition, ends with 2 signed selections in zippered compartment Marlo’s Alternative Ending Edward Marlo: Roth Bombshell Routine Roy Roth: Larry’s routine using two selections C.

Instant Cad Introduction – Instant Reset: Three cards are selected and signed.

Performer selects three cards from the 15 card packet “by feel” as the selections. The 12 cards are seen crad to have signatures, but neither do the other 3!

The cards are found in the wallet. Card is removed from pack and placed in card case as prediction. Wallet visibly changes into a giant replica of a chosen signed card.

The Magic Cafe Forums – The Card to Wallet Book by Jerry Mentzer

Actual card appears in another wallet. This is an excellent resource on the Card to Wallet effect. Jerry Mentzer describes many of the various gimmicked wallets, available in the magic market, for this effect, as well as how to achieve the Card to Wallet using ungimmicked wallets.

There are many routines and ideas provided. Details; llustrations by Richard Bartram, Jr.