Just some personal, non-exhaustive notes I made on John Bevere’s Undercover series. I’ve reached lesson 8 so far. I hope that they will help you, as you study. Under Cover has ratings and 90 reviews. Karen said: Are you Undercover, by John Bevere is a must read for anyone ready for the next level. It is full of. It’s humbling to realize that our opinion about elected or appointed leaders in our communities, counties, state, and country should have.

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I was also able to see my own flaws, faults, and disobedience that may have been overlooked This book spoke on obedience, subjected under authority, and disobedience and how these factors can have a bearing on your life’s decisions and loose out on your very blessings and covering under God.

John Bevere – Undercover Notes

May 29, Becki Johnson rated it did not like it. I called step-parents, old high school teachers, and former employers.

Look what you can eat, all these trees. Sep 17, Evan Roberts rated it really liked it Shelves: Absolutely brilliant book, every Christian should read this and be encouraged and blessed in their walk with God. It’s tough to change, but I know it’s what God expects of me.

The only godly person you will joyn in the Bible making jokes about men who held a position of leadership is Elijah 1 Kings What the pastor decides is between Him and God.

I am a better person because I had been equipped by this book and the author’s personal testimoney to handle a storm I would have never expected.

Aug 31, Michael Cadorna rated bevrre it was amazing. Then I thought, If it is a Christian station, maybe this weather forecast was piped in from an Associated Press source.

Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority by John Bevere

This is a far cry from the behavior of the early persecuted church. This was an amazing book that God trul convicted underocver through in the area of submission, and God showed me His truths through it.


Bevere, i learn, with the mistakes he had done, we learn and I share it and I just follow it. Why Did God Create Satan?

John Bevere – Undercover Notes

Jesus, the Servant, invites many. Aug 29, lisa lumley rated it it was amazing.

It was so helpful in understanding what the Lord expects of me and how I can be protected under his cover. In this book, he shows how one can stay under the covering of God, and also some of the ways Satan uses to strip God’s covering from believers without them even realizing it. There you will see that God is all we need in life and He has the best things that He will give to us at the right time.

A lack of the Spirit mohn the fear of the Lord is evident when we do not revere authority.

Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority

It explores and highlight the absolute necesity for the Christian to walk in obedience to God. Therefore, I do not want to be open access to demonic forces or powers, and rebellious behaviors viewed as “witchcraft” or “acts of Satan”. They have met with and been consumed by His far-reaching authority. For those in leadership do not be overburdensome.

I disagree completely and find that that opinion comes from flighty This book was mandatory reading for leadership in a church I attended. There is freedom in submission, there is bondage in rebellion. The police are not working for the devil; rather, they are working for God!

Sep 04, Joyce rated it did not like it Shelves: BUT I have to remember that this is not a story but is a compilation of the author’s testimonies. Governing civil authorities, church authorities, family authorities, social authorities,…. They expected Him to come in a different way. Deep in their flesh, there is pride undercocer does not see Unddercover as King of Kings. The goal of witchcraft is not magick but to control. The Bible teaches unconditional submission to authorities but not unconditional obedience.


Feb 08, John rated it it was undercovsr. Lord grant us a pure heart. If you are a charismatic and just do what you think the spirit says without cross referencing with the word, you might reject this book. Not necessarily a person who goes to church or who is born again.

This well loved writer effectively uses his personal mistakes to illustrate riveting truths about repentance and forgiveness.

If we willfully disobey, it brings us under a curse. However, the implications are scary. Is Sanctification A Process? Who is under the shadow of the almighty? Second, he dealt with Herod from his position of authority as a prophet of God. Many people throw this book up as a way of pointing out what they assume the Pastor’s motives were and I am underclver of contempt and bitterness.

He spoke directly to a sin, not about him disrespectfully. Books by John Bevere. Aug 25, Bernadette rated it it was amazing.

It had been a profound revelation to him. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This site uses cookies. Again, there is nothing good outside of the will of God. He [God] is especially hard on those who follow their own evil, lustful desires and who despise authority.

Do not obey when abusive husband, lying,….