The decision by the Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to drop its investigation into former Algerian defence minister Khaled Nezzar. Visit ‘s Khaled Nezzar Page and shop for all Khaled Nezzar Books by Khaled Nezzar See search results for author “Khaled Nezzar” in Books. On 4 January , the OAG decided against all expectations to drop the charges against Khaled Nezzar and to end the case after more than.

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On 30 Maythe Federal Criminal Court approved the complaints of three alleged victims of torture and arbitrary arrests in the Nezzar case. It has been going on since the initiation of the process in Now, the OAG must again investigate the case.

On 4 Januarythe OAG decided against all expectations to drop the charges against Khaled Nezzar and to end the case after more than five years. It argued that the precondition of an armed conflict was not given at the time he was charged.


The charges against Nezzar are grave. He is seen guilty for war crimes within the meaning of the Geneva Conventions.

Nezzar, Khaled [WorldCat Identities]

The former Algerian minister of defence and general is accused in particular of systematic enforced disappearances, murders and torture, which he is said to have committed during the Algerian civil war in the s.

It is undisputed that the Algerian civil war between the army and Islamist groups in the s killed up topeople and that numerous war crimes were kjaled.

After the initiation of the proceedings, the OAG conducted investigations against Nezzar for more than five years. More than a dozen witnesses were interviewed during this period and a request for assistance in criminal matters was even sent to Algeria. In its page decision, the court underlined its position by providing detailed data on the organisational structure of the conflict parties and on the intensity of the conflict.


The OAG also received a second rebuke, since it should have investigated the allegations of torture anyway against its own view. Thus, the alleged torture was not time-barred.

Now, the OAG has to continue the proceedings against Nezzar. Creation of a Human Rights Institution in Switzerland — the state of affairs.

Another loop for the National Human Rights Institution — what are the intentions behind this? Export of war material: Human Rights Treaties UN: Human Rights Bodies UN: Khalde des Bundesstrafgerichts vom Mai in Sachen A. Article in the Luzerner Zeitung, 14 June in German.