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Annotations of prepared graduation theses Choose year Choose type Bachelor Master. Konkurrntu name, surname Subject Supervisor Annotation year’s bachelor abstract Students name, surname Deividas Simonaitis.

Master studies in English. PhD studies in English. Bachelor studies in English. Focus areas of research. Department of Computer Science and Communications Technologies. Department of Electrical Engineering. Laboratory of Electrical Engineering. Laboratory of Automatic Systems. Institute of High Magnetic Fields. Department of Electronic Systems. Laboratory of Electronic Systems. Research Institute for Telecommunications. Students name, surname Deividas Oknkurentu. Darbo apimtis — 57 psl.

The aim of the final bachelor work is to create a system for monitoring various computer parameters by launching and connecting the data collection program to computers and displaying them in web applications. The goal is achieved by analyzing analogous systems by creating a dynamically operating web application graphical interface using angular technology and connecting it to a server created using express and loop-back technologies, it communicates with the database and processes its data into which, the program is started on computer and sends real-time konkuerntu about the characteristics of the computer.

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The work contains of: Thesis consist of 57 pages text without appendixes, 35 illustrations, 10 tables, 12 program code scrolls, 3 annexes. Results of the access control system analysis show that most of the commercial systems have major security flaws. A new system is successfully developed, tested and deployed at Technarium hackerspace in Vilnius, Lithuania. Various cryptographic security methods, microservice and asynchronous programming patterns are described.

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas. Vilnius,35 p. Spread spectrum based data transmission system.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Vilnius,42 p. Pseudo-random binary sequence creation and their parameter selection was ana,ize based on simulatinons done in Matlab software. Direct-sequence spread spectrum technology was analyzed and implemented using field-programmable gate array integrated circuits alongside with frequency-shift keying modulation modules for transmission. Everything was concluded by cross-correlation algorithm analysis and system testing results.

Spread spectrum technology, pseudo-random binary sequences, cross-correlation. Subject Portable Digital Oscilloscope.

Baigiamajame darbe kuriamas skaitmeninis oscilografas. The goal of this thesis is to create inexpensive, small portable oscilloscope, which would show our proficiency and create ahalize for other people to learn after repeating our steps.

During this thesis an analysis kon,urentu carried out, all parts of the system were made up, alternative analkze were analysed, created and described software. Signal synchronisation and change, along with aanalize and time base change, and frequency and electric voltage calculation were created. Also signal displaying on screen and changing setting by using touchscreen and buttons. Vilnius,51 p. The main purpose of this work is to create a customized firmware for wireless access point that generates a password.


This system must protect against unwanted Internet users. I contributed to the development of the administrative interface and the API. Structural and functional schemes are created. The system operates and tested in real environment. Customized firmware for wireless access point. Bachelor thesis for Informatics Engineering degree. Students name, surname Saimonas Razokas.

The aim of the final thesis is to create interfaces for the customized firmware. The primary purpose of interfaces is to display passwords generated by the router. Two interfaces have been selected for the work: Management interface is independent of the firmware, can perform all the necessary functions and satisfy the result without having a connection with it.

Also, similar systems were analyzed analise the work, and comparisons were made between them. At the final stage of work, the interfaces that were created were tested in a variety of hacking cases. All tried hacking cases were unsuccessful, the system konkrentu to function successfully.

Customized firmware for wireless access point, Bachelor thesis for Informatics Engineering degree.

Students name, surname Karolis Dirma. A graphical user interface is accesible on a local area network and provides user the ability to upload and display a picture on konurentu LED matrix display. Darbo apimtis — 55 p.

Annotation This Bachelor’s konkuerntu contains the prototype of e-notebook. This electronic notebook was created for taking notes and saving in Android app. Status diagram and user interface sketch.

Economic justification based on market analysis, SWOT analysis, preparation of administrattion and strategy summaries and financial planning. The work consists of: Electronic notebook, Android, mobile app, economic justification. Subject Task Management Information System. Darbo apimtis – 80 p. The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to create a task management information system.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

Using this system, it would be easier to organize work in the team, share information with team members, and keep track of the time it takes to complete tasks in the system. In the thesis analogous systems are reviewed, the konkirentu substantiation of the product being developed is presented. An overview of each system’s functionality and ease aanalize use is provided. Detailed economic summaries, analyzes and plans are presented. User interface implemented with JavaScript using the Vue. Server-side software was implemented using Laravel framework and PHP programming language.

Work size – 80 pages, 36 pictures, 7 tables, 41 bibliographic sources, 7 appendices, 1 poster. Darbo apimtis — 75 p. The aim of the work is to create an efficient intelligent house monitoring system that meets market requirements, to implement and test the prototype of the system.


The system is designed to monitor, manage, and report to the user the status of a home. In order to achieve the goal, Lithuanian companies engaged konurentu analogical and similar activities and analogous products on the world market are analyzed, the essential parameters of the product under development are selected. We are investigating the position of the newly created ajalize in the Lithuanian market, analyzing SWOT, which shows that strengths outweigh the weaknesses, opportunities – threats, predicting strategy and financial plan, according to which the company starts to profit after one year.

Based on UML diagrams, a software model is developed that provides system performance and a user-friendly web page. Darbo apimtis — 57 p. Atskirai pridedami darbo priedai. The aim of the final bachelor thesis is to create arm detection device for virtual reality applications, capture motion, and visualize the hand in a virtual environment.

In the final work, we can find the market analysis, the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, the strategy discussed, and the implementation of the summary, financial planning, the review of competitors, and the preparation of the profit and loss accountment. The work consists of an introduction and a task analysis, an overview of analogous products, algorithms for the device and other components, a user graphical interface, server development, program development, testing of all components, economic analysis, summary of results, list of literature and information sources, and appendices.

Subject Mobile Video Broadcasting System. Baigiamojo bakalauro darbo tema — realaus laiko vaizdo transliacijos.

Palyginti du atvirojo kodo sprendimai, tinkami veikti Raspberry Pi 3 valdiklyje.

Vaizdo transliacijos, mobilioji aplikacija, Raspberry Pi 3 valdiklis. The theme of the final bachelor’s thesis is real-time video streaming. The aim of the work is to create a website for video streams using the Raspberry Pi 3 controller. To achieve the goal, four tasks have been solved: The paper looks at the most popular video broadcast platforms on the market: Compare two open source solutions suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 controller.

The structure of the system was created, graphical interface was created and implemented, video streaming algorithm was used. During the check, the performance of individual components of the system has been checked and a check on the entire video broadcast system has been performed.

Mobile application, video broadcasts, Raspberry Pi 3 controller. Students name, surname Lukas Vizbaras.