Understand the skills and abilities required to start a chicken farm. Farming is known to be hard work, driven by a practical point of view and a commitment to. Kozhi Valarthal Malayalam Pdf Download ->->->-> 1 / 4. Page 2. 2 / 4. Page 3. Before discussing more about commercial quail farming. സമ്മിശ്ര ഫാം, ആട്, കോഴി, താറാവ്, പശു വളർത്തൽ /sammisra farm aad, pasu, tharav, kozhi. Call @+ [email protected]+

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Are you tired of heading to the grocery store for suspect eggs and frozen chicken every week? Small scale chicken farming has been growing in popularity among hobbyists as a sustainable way to have eggs and chickens always on hand. To start a chicken farm, create a business plan and secure financing for your farm. Next, build a coop big enough for 40 to 60 chickens and create a large roosting area.

Make sure there are enough nesting boxes for all of your chickens and the boxes provide inches of roosting space for each bird. Next, choose and buy the chicken breed you want to raise, then determine your target audience and how you’re going to sell your chicken products to them! Chickens Chicken Egg Production. A wikiHow Staff Editor reviewed this article to make sure it’s helpful and accurate. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Together, they cited information from 28 referenceswhich can be found at the bottom of the page. It also received 21 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Understand the skills and abilities required to start a chicken farm. Farming is known to be hard work, driven by a practical point of view and a commitment to long work hours. As a beginner farmeryou should be aware of the skills, abilities, and expectations required of you so you are prepared to start your farming endeavor with a good sense of what the role entails.

You will also need to be prepared for physical work, where you are feeding, cleaning, shoveling, and caring for your chickens on a constant basis. You will also need to be prepared for seasonal earnings, where your profits are dependant on when your hens lay and how well you market and sell the meat and eggs produced by your chickens.

This may mean your profits will be on the low end during your first year as a chicken farmer and you may need to wait one to two years to turn any significant profits from your farm.

As a chicken farmer, you may need to be patient and be okay with setbacks or first time mistakes. You will then need to problem solve issues by fixing it yourself and relying on your abilities as a doer. Create a business plan for your chicken farm.

Set your farm up for success by creating a business plan. Your business plan should include: This is the cost of your equipment, the cost of your feed, the cost of your chicken coop sand the cost of your chickens. You should also consider the cost of the insurance premiums for the farm and if you valarthhal to pay for labor in the form of workers or employees to help you maintain the farm. This should be made up of profit goals, where you have a certain amount of profit you will need to hit on a month to month basis.

To get the farm off the vaparthal, you will need some form of financing or capital.


You may also have cash-flow through another source of income, like a part time job or another farming endeavor, that can be used to pay for expenses and keep your farm running. As any farmer knows, the weather or a bad season can lead to low profits. You should have a disaster plan in place in the event of an emergency to ensure you can survive a bad year or a bad turn of events. Outline changes you can make to your farm to help you save money and stay in business in the event of a disaster.

You may also want to have a succession plan in place, such as a will, in the event of a fatal incident. Unless you have a large amount of money in your savings account or access to start up funds through family valatthal friends, you will have to apply for financing through a third party.


This could be through valarthxl government program that provides grants for beginner farmers or through a loan from your local bank. If you do not own the land you are farming on, you may be able to create a contract with the landowner in exchange for coverage of your equipment and start up costs.

These are made for farmers 35 years or younger, with 10 years or less of experience. Work with a farming organization to get hands on experience as a farmer. If you would like to get valartahl better kozho of the work environment and the expectations in the farmer role, you may want to spend some time working with a farming organization like WWOOF World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. You can also get hands on experience in the life of farming for a longer period of time, which will better prepare you to start your own farm.

Decide if you are going to do coop farming or pastured farming. Kpzhi are two options when it comes to chicken farming: When you set up a coop chicken farm, you will need to have coops, buildings, and large equipment to take care of the chickens. Pastured farming only requires a small acreage of land and an enclosure so the birds are protected from predators.

Valadthal benefits of pastured farming are that there is very little overhead or valartnal up costs and it can be done with fifty chickens or hundreds of chickens. The major difference in pastured farming is that rather than build a coop for the chickens, you will need small enclosed shelters on a pasture.

The chicks, feed, and water will then be moved everyday in movable pens. You can also set up a pastured farm using a shelter that has a door that allows the chicks to move in and out of the shelter at will.

You kkzhi then surround the shelter with electric fencing and move the fencing on occasion so the chicks are given access to new areas to pasture.

Build a coop big enough to house forty to sixty chickens. The most important element of your chicken farm is the chicken coop, which should be big enough to vqlarthal forty to sixty chickens at a time. Chickens are social animals and do well in groups.

The coop should be big enough to provide four square feet of space per chicken. For example, an 8 x 8 chicken coop can hold 16 chickens. The coop should also be large enough for you to stand in so you can gather eggs and shovel manure. But do not make it too big, as the chickens can get cold in a space that is calarthal large.

The windows or screens are important as they will allow sunlight into the coop in the wintertime and provide ventilation in the summertime. You can valarhhal the raw materials and build it yourself using a chicken coop plan.

If you do not want to take the time to construct a coop, you can buy one at koxhi local hardware or farm supply store. Include a large roosting area and nesting boxes. Your coop must include a roost for your chickens, about inches of roosting space allotted for each bird.

SCHEMES FOR SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN COMMUNITY | Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation

The nesting boxes will keep the eggs laid off the coop floor and away from the manure. Add a feeder and water containers. Finally, make sure the coop has a feeder that is big enough for the chickens to eat from and several water containers that are shallow so the chickens cannot fall into them.

You should have one long feeder per four to six birds and one water container per four to six birds.

Koxhi in a 20 x 5 foot outdoor area near the coop with chicken wire and a chicken fence. Your chickens will need an outdoor area to walk and cluck around in so they can spread their wings and take dust baths throughout the day. A chicken run will help your chickens stay healthy and ensure they produce high quality eggs. You should fence the area with chicken wire or put up a chicken fence so the chickens stay in and are not threatened by predators, including any household cats or dogs.


The chickens will spend a lot of time in the outdoor area and in the coop so they should be close to each other. You should fortify vaarthal chicken wire with fencing using T-posts to keep predators out and line the base of the enclosures to ensure no small animals like weasels, minks or snakes from getting into the enclosure. Buy an incubator if you plan to breed your own chickens.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ernakulam

If you plan to breed your own chickens, you should get one to two incubators to help keep your new chicks warm and well cared for. You can find incubators at your local farm equipment store or online through second hand websites. Get stainless steel killing cones and a feather plucker to valartgal your meat chickens. You should be prepared to process any chickens raised for meat by investing in stainless steel killing cones and a feather calarthal. This will make the processing time for each chicken fast and efficient.

However, larger meat chicken farms often have more sophisticated equipment to keep production easy and fast. Invest in egg washing equipment for egg laying chickens. In order to sell chicken eggs commercially, you will need to have egg-washing equipment to clean the eggs properly. You will also need avlarthal have a professionally calibrated scale so you can size your eggs kozyi and a high intensity candler to grade your eggs.

Your labeling should advertise that your eggs are all natural, locally produced, and pesticide valqrthal chemical free as this will attract more customers to your eggs. Go for Ranger or Heritage breeds if you are raising the chickens for meat. If you are focused on getting meat from your birds, you may want to go for the Ranger breed, which grows moderately fast and are more active than the American white broiler birds that are popular in the chicken industry.

These birds are full grown in about valarthak weeks. They are kizhi growing but are known to be healthy and tasty. A heritage breed chicken can be ready in months. Choose Black star, Red star, or White Leghorn breeds if you are raising the chickens for eggs.

Most egg laying breeds will have smaller bodies than meat producing breeds and can lay white or brown eggs. There is no difference between white or brown eggs besides the color of the eggs. Many white egg layers are of the Leghorn breed and many brown egg layers are of the Rhode Island Red breed. White Leghorns, Black star, and Red star are all popular egg laying breeds, which can lay eggs a year.

Consider dual purpose breeds if you want meat and eggs from your chickens. Some chicken breeds are considered dual purpose, where you can get both meat and eggs from them with the proper care.

Most first time chicken farmers go for dual purpose breeds if they are planning to valarthla both eggs and meat.

You will need to have a rooster in your flock if you have dual purpose breeds, one rooster for every eight to twelve hens. This means the hens of these breeds will sit on the eggs and hatch the chicks, thereby replenishing your flock without the need to buy new chicks or hatch the eggs yourself.

Buy valarghal chicks if you are prepared to wait for eggs or meat. You can buy chickens at several different stages of development from a breeder: Invest in forty to sixty chicks if you are planning on running a larger scale chicken farm.

You may want to start with only twelve to fourteen chicks valarthla you are planning on running a small scale chicken farm on your land.