Aim of Dhyanam Aadhi Paraasakthi Lalitha Tripurasundari has no Swarupam or shape. She is the creator of all shapes. However for devotees to pray to Sri Devi. Lalita Sahasranamam Stotram Dhyanam Lyrics Sindhuraruna vigraham trinayanam manikya mouli spurath. Thara Nayaga sekaram smitha mukhi mapina . Dhyanam. Sindhuraruna vigraham trinayanam manikya mouli spurath Thara Nayaga sekaram smitha mukhi mapina vakshoruham.

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Please login or register. January 01, Home Help Search Login Register. R Hero Member Posts: If you investigate, all of them are in us only. There is a Rakta Bhija, our every drop of blood spits lust, anger and greed.

We are all Rakta Bhijas. Who is Chanda – Munda? They are the lalith and karma. Who is Dhumra lochana? Again our greed, liust, jealousy too. Mahishasura is within all of us. We are having ox head that speaks of our egotistic feelings. All demons are inside each of us. We should pray to Devi to kill them so that we can attain the Suddha Brahma Swarupam! In Lalita Sahasranamam also there are many names which speak of advaitam.

Sivajnana pradayini, Mother is the first amoing the people who have attained Siva Jnanam. She is Brahma sahasramama.

sahqsranama She is apala gopa viditha She is merciful even to ordinary cowherds and shepherds. We should only have that bhavam to surrender to Her.

SLakshmi Full Member Posts: Sreeswaroopji, I live far away from ramanasramam. But i will surely keep your advise in mind when i go there. I have never been able to see the srichakram though.

I have seen the friday poojai that takes place It is only very recently that i have started chanting lalitha sahasranamam.

I really like it a lot. The names of the shakti or the devi are so beautiful. It captivates you at once Subramanian sir, Namaskarams, How diffferent is bhagavan’s devi kalottaram from lalitha sahasranamam?

Sreeswaroop Full Member Posts: Dear SLakshmi, Since you started chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam, hope that the meaning of the names will be gradually understood. It is not the names alone, Sri Devi is perceived of all the beauty which is beyond our imagination. All the wars and eliminations, of our emotions and passions as aptly described by Subramanian ji, is being done by various other Devathas deriving the power from Sri Lalitha. I hope you know Sanskrit.

If you want to know the meaning, it is better you buy Sri Latita Sahasranama, from Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, [the book which contains a long foreword from M. Pandit [of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a Sakta]. The foreword itself is very alluring. People would say that ladies should not chant during their monthly periods. You can do chanting even during those periods, after taking a bath. Mother is only Compassion. Lallitha does not care for dhtanam these.


She ssahasranama only purity of mind. Devi Kalottaram is a different kettle. It speaks of Siva’s teachings to Devi, where many conventional practices are pooh poohed and only Self inquiry is recommended.

Subramanian sir, Since you mentioned the topic of the “impure” time of the month – I wonder if, incase what you said was true then why is it that they dont allow us to go inside a temple [ a devi temple for that matter! There has to be some thing to it Sir, i have downloaded the stotram in my laptop and recite along with the recording.

Goddess Lalithambigai Lalitha Sahasranamam with meanings

I still stutter on difficult words and phrases but am able to recite atleast a significant portion of the stotram without any trouble Nagaraj Hero Member Posts: Dear Friends, The advice of the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham should be carefully heeded in this respect – As this Vidya is the sahaxranama of both Bhoga and Moksha, it is taught secretly only to eligible llitha.

The practitioner is also enjoined to keep this Upasana secret. Even while wearing on the forehead the Sindura Prasadam of Devi, the Upasaka should cover it with bhasma. As Shiva and Shakti are one, this can be done. The first qualification for a Upasaka to perform Pooja is obtaining Diksha from a competent Guru.

Muruganar would not have stopped performing his rituals and Shardha specially, if it were advised by anybody else but Bhagavan. The practice of Bhakti in all its sahasrabama forms constitutes Upasana.

There the form to be adopted as the object of devotion is also a matter of choice. Indeed, Bhagavan Krishna assures us that he confers on the sincere devotee, unwavering devotion to the chosen form. The Sadhaka will experience, lalithw his Japa and Upasana progress, that he is able to get some supernatural powers, Siddhis as they are known. His mind will also be distracted by various material pleasures thrusting themselves upon him.

He must be careful, remembering parokShapriya hi devaH and these are directed at preventing him from attaining his goal of Brahma Jnana. Reliable Sources Salutations to Bhagavan. October 01, Dear SLakshmi, I dhyannam stick to my views. By not allowing ladies during that time either into the temple or the puja room or kitchen is again an archaic practice. Do Christian girls prohibited from entering church during such periods?


Don’t they preach or teach during such periods? Mental purity is more important. This is all male chauvinism.

Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram Malayalam Lyrics

Dear Subramanian Sir, Sahasrwnama respect your views. Dhyannam I would like to quote this popular quotation which I felt is quite appropriate – ” The subject is so vast that it is not easy to convey through short posts.

First about Lalitha Sahasra namam: Or have it from a learned one. One may also worship at a Ganesha temple considering Ganesa as Guru and start chanting. Each name implicates a mantra which has immense power.

It all depends on the mental attitude and maturity of the person. At the same time one has to remember that while working with Electricity, necessary precaution has to be there as it will not differentiate between knowledgeable and ignorant.

One may sxhasranama shock. The advice dhyxnam the Paramacharya of Kanchi Dhuanam Peetham should be carefully heeded in this respect. In short, in tantric way, there are three types of Sadhakas- Uthungam, Sreshtam and Samanyam. Initiation from Guru is a must here and there are various connected Nishtas and rituals. Though similar in general, it differs to certain extend in details, according to the lineage.

If necessary we shall discuss it here. But why this practice? To put it simply, the temples are not mere places of worship like churches or mosques. It is a place where Tantric Shadadhara Prathista has been done. If it is not, no restriction is required.

The power szhasranama Kundalini is being invoked here for the benefit of the worshippers. Just for understanding the subject is so deep let us think that it is the upward or positive force Surya. There are other social reasons too.

Now a days there is no reason why such practices are being followed in Homes and kitchen provided the people are more civilized and have adequate infrastructure to keep the environment.

The above restrictions are not applicable to the Sadhakas in some lineages under Dathathreya tradition and also for KALI upasakas. Even during periods, ladies may chant it. When that too is not possible, just hear the reading by others. Sreeswaroop on September 28, We have no right to change it or do dhyana as per our wishes while chanting.