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Transfer of knowledge about the environment and international companies conducting business in this area. Presenting forms of foreign expansion of enterprises. After completion of the course the niewernalna will be able to: Globalisation of modern global economy – the concept, ideas and mechanisms. The Polish participation in globalisation processes. The new dimension of competitiveness in global economy. Globalisation and multinational corporations.


49 Paralinguistic communication in the therapeutic relationship

The global value chain analysis. International market business barriers. International trade business strategies. Theoretical concepts of foreign expansion. International business marketing strategies.

International human resources strategies. Global business – current and future trends.

49 Paralinguistic communication in the therapeutic relationship

Analysis of international surroundings – SWOT 2. Rules of building and coordinating the value chain 3.

Models of international strategies – the case studies 4. Organizational culture in international enterprise – common values, and behavior organizational norms – case studies from American and European companies. Organizational structures of Business Units 6.

Communication Techniques in Business (09 40 01)

Standardization and adaptation of products on global market. Uwarunkowania i kierunki rozwoju. Komunikacja niewerbalna, Warszawa Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice