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If you’ve ever come across my reviews before, you’ll know that I’m all about the minifigures. So what am I doing with a set devoid of those wonderful little people? Oh right, it’s really called… and yes, I know “Pitstop” isn’t officially one word, but this American for one slurs it together anyway. Just browse the pictures? My initial reaction to pictures of the System Cars line was mixed. Some of the characters looked pretty cute these guys, Mater while others looked pretty bad McQueenbut a line without figures is not my usual cup of tea.

None of the builds apart from the characters looked worth anything; basically just some random facade stuff to make the sets not seem like they just had Cars.

Lightningtiger’s Mater review ironically convinced me not to get Mater, who I thought looked pretty ugly once I saw some non-promotional pictures.

I really had no idea what to expect box-size-wise with this set. The artwork is good, although it seems that archway thing is inside a garage?

Lego Disney Pixar Cars Tokyo Pit Stop () | eBay

I also wish the big Warning! The back shows that there aren’t any play features! There’s also that spy radar car thing; I’m sure it ties to the new film, but it doesn’t have much to do with this set, it seems to me. Also, 8026 the parts are from Europe and Mexico, since this is an American run of the set. Mangle the box trying not to use the punch tab, pour it out, and find yourself looking at… Two numbered bags, one booklet, and a DSS. The numbered bags make perfect sense since there really are two different sets of things to build, and I’m very glad there’s only one booklet.

If they’d split up the builds into seperate booklets, that would’ve just been silly. It’s one pretty slim booklet. What did you expect? There wasn’t any plastic or cardboard, but it was actually flat! The steps move pretty slowly, and there isn’t anything complicated. The pages have a nice spy-themed background. This sticker sheet isn’t so bad, but it is pretty annoying.

All of these types of parts would’ve been printed in levo ’90s, but I guess you could say it ain’t the ’90s anymore Toto. We’ll see what’s annoying about them more later on…. You read that right, CloneyO is doing build pics!

Most of these characters hold more pieces inside than you’d expect, but of course this set doesn’t have the ones as streamlined as Legl and Fin McMissile. First, I’ve pulled out what I find to be the most intriguing pieces of Bag 1. But those cheese slopes and car-thingy piece in the new color or rare color; Aanchir? And you get four cheese one is spare!

First up to build is Guido. He doesn’t hold any surprises, but the sheer joy of putting down those medium blue and aqua-ish bricks make this build fun! What I love about the idea of building Guido is that it just seems like normal LEGO pieces, but it turns out so adorable! I was wondering why ,ego still had a medium blue tile and another cheese slop to go somewhere, but soon I found out!


Luigi incongruously has some colorful innards, but luckily none show once he’s all finished unlike that horrid Toy Story army jeep. Let’s start with Guido, and compare him to his film counterpart.

Needless to say, he’s not exactly the same, but you can’t make curved, molded metal out of LEGO. The color scheme and basic shape are there, and really that picture that I found on Google is a bit creepy, while the LEGO version is totally adorbs. Here’s our friend Guido straight from the front and back.

He looks quite chipper, and ready to service McQueen when he comes in needing something. You have to love the plethora of medium blue and aqua highlights. In side profile Guido looks more angular, but I love the hat solution nonetheless and those new wheel parts are totally lovely.

If Guido was a little off, Luigi is even more so. Really his problem is the mouth part; it juts out too far. Even as a model alone it isn’t so aesthetically pleasing, but he’s still a cute character overall.

Luigi is just full of NPUs; the hair, the technic bit as a microphone, the pans as headphones. The SNOT part on the front is really the only problem on this cute model; otherwise, he’s a lovely little guy. The side profile shows just how much Luigi looks like a cartoon car; I can imagine a car looking like this in an animation without a face and with people driving inside.

He also provides us with four more of those delicious wheels. I had no idea what to expect on the back, but it too is printed with some grill-type things and what would perhaps be a window were this car not alive. It does well to round out the model. Closing out this section, a shot with two of CloneyO’s recent favorite minifigures for a size comparison. Luigi seems to be the perfect size for a minifig to fit inside if he wasn’t full of bricks.

I know, it wasn’t an eloquent title, but what was I supposed to say? It’s really just some stuff thrown in so LEGO could pretend it was selling a full setnot just some car models. I wasn’t going to do an interesting parts pic, but then suddenly ‘hey! I was surprised to see a new version of this with a squarer end it’s apparently new this yearand I hadn’t come across a doublesided SNOTy brick like the one below either.

Now onto that stuff I call… stuff. First up is the fuel tank thing with the sign telling McQueen to stop for some fuel.

Putting that sticker on the green round piece was really annoying; I couldn’t get it aligned so well. Next is this thing; a border to their pit perhaps? I was and am a lgeo mad that the flags had to be stickered, as I have several old printed ones. Plus, there were only stickers for one side. I always welcome more tiles though.


Then comes the big arch. I guess that’s the sort of thing they give racing teams in Japan? There is a very, veryVERY glaring problem here: I’m sure those stickers will comes to great use for purist MECH makers, but their use in the set is quite atrocious.


Besides that, the arch kego nice and besides the fact that the flag is another sticker. So here’s the family of the stuff. The arch actually has some thought put into it, and is a nice design apart from the stickers. Those weird mini racer parts, Speed Racer car 806, and cheese graters in red come together well, not to mention the clips just used as a design something not done in the old days.

Here it is all together. What works about this set is that the brightly 82206 cars don’t fit in at all with leggo surroundings, which is just perfect stylistically. The background bits could just as easily show up in a minifig-scale Ferrari set, but then we’ve got these glaring cars with it.

It’s a beautiful contrast.

But there are no play features mommy, what are we supposed to do? Muck around with the cars I say. When it’s a normal minifig set, that doesn’t always work lgeo so well since it gets old just smashing the figures together, but with cars, the fun is basically endless. Most children boys at least love zooming cars around, and now they can have the added fun 82006 building them as well! This fun picture of the two friends brings me to my final main point: Too many of the recent Licensed themes PoP, PotC, HP have to include the main character in every single set, but when that character is a built model it just isn’t possible, or at least LEGO didn’t want to.

I didn’t care for Mater or McQueen anyway, and I was able to get the two characters that I really wanted in a single bundle. Way to go with that LEGO! I was worried I 82206 feel this set was a mixed bag, but it turned out that I didn’t. I and anybody else in their right mind bought this set for Guido and Luigi, and they really deliver.

If it legi for the stickers, the rest of the set would be absolutely fine, but as it is the archway is still a lgeo model with a few interesting parts. If you’re not either a Lgo fan or just a fan of awesomely cute characters, this set is probably not for you, but if you fit either of those criteria I cannot see how you will be disappointed. You could grumble that LEGO could’ve just sold the set without the extras, but going by the math of the Classic Mater and McQueen sets it would’ve come out to about the same price anyway.

All in all, this set really picked me up from the slump that PotC threw me into, and I’m grateful for that. The finished product with them is fine, but putting them leho is annoying!

It’s cars ; I could play for hours! You could say that. It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy more Cars sets, but I’m pleased with the one that I wanted.

If 8260 set was just Guido and Luigi, I might get it. Oh, what am I saying, I’ll probably get it anyway. I love the new Cars line. Not so much the actual sets, but the cars are amazing. Wonderful review CloneyOthanks for sharing!