Brown Sugar (Key Party Book 2) – Kindle edition by Lena Matthews. Download it once and read it on Sleepless Beauty. Lena Matthews. out of 5 stars 9. Lena Matthews — the complete book list. Browse author series lists, sequels, pseudonyms, Sleepless Beauty. Contemporary Romance. Sep Buy. Number: ; Release: ; Author: Lena Matthews Now all he has to do is get the stubborn beauty to admit it. . Sleepless Beauty.

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Sleepless Beauty – Lena Matthews – Google Books

In the era sleeplesd Disco and bell bottoms, one neighborhood is keeping free love alive, one key at a time. Sylvia Granger always thought she had the picture-perfect life. She has a beautiful house, wonderful kids, and the perfect marriage.

This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: Her plan is to just be there for immoral support.

Sleepless Beauty

They only had one night together, but to Embry it was the first of many to come. Despite the wall Shayna had erected between them, Embry has no intention of backing down. Despite the differences in their social status and ethnicity, he knows that they are perfect for each other.

Now all he has to do is get the stubborn beauty to admit it. In the era of disco and bell bottoms, one neighborhood is keeping free love alive, one key at a time. From the outside, perpetual good girl Edith would appear to be the last person in the world who’d attend a key party, let alone throw one. But after countless years trapped in a loveless marriage, Edith is willing to try anything for a chance at passion, even if it’s only for one night.

Years ago, Grady walked away from love because he wanted to do the right thing. The key party afforded him an opportunity to correct that mistake. This time he was going to choose the woman he loved, no matter what society thought. He had a plan, he had a secret, and he had an offer he hoped Edith would want to take him up on.

This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable. So much for being her knight in shining armor. Never mind that the open relationship idea was his—what he really wants is Olivia all to himself.

Olivia has never been a sleeepless of storms, but right now the only thing more uncomfortable than the one raging outside is the one brewing beneath her own roof. Jack is more amused slepless annoyed. How can she not? Out of the two of them, Jack is the one who is ready to close the door on their open relationship. All he has to do first is get rid of the uptight professor.

Stormy weather can bring out all kinds of wild behavior. What to get the love of his life when he has less than nothing? Christmas is so much more than presents and shopping malls. Koko always feared that one day her elevator fetish would get her in trouble, but she never thought her comeuppance would appear in the form of a man as devastatingly handsome and commanding as Reese.

To her delight though, instead of reprimanding her, Reese offers her access to a private elevator, one in which she can be as wicked as she pleases for an attentive audience of one. All she has to do is step in, strip down and enjoy the ride. To say Nicole Torres is having a hard time sleeping would be putting it lightly. After months of wide-awake late nights, the Puerto Rican beauty is finally at her wits’ end.


That is until she stumbles over a little article on the Internet on how the best cure for insomnia is sex. Run straight into the arms of the man who broke her heart a few months ago. She needs his parts, not his promises. She’s the one that got away. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Jeweline decides to slay the dragon herself, but the dragon is not everything she’d presumed.

He’s dangerous and fire-breathing all right, but he’s not always a dragon. Marcus is a cursed man with dark, erotic needs that Jeweline finds herself all too willing to satisfy. That is, until Darrion the Brave, dragon slayer extraordinaire, explodes onto the scene with a goal of killing Marcus and taking Jeweline for his own.

Passionflower By Ravyn Wilde What happens when you combine passionflower wine, a gorgeous foreign man whose understanding of the English language seems to short-circuit occasionally — with a nightclub specializing in private booths? You wake up the next morning with a screaming headache. A suspicion the mattress beneath you just might be flesh and blood instead of memory foam. And a view out the window that seems to be the planet Earth, as seen from space. All Nancy wanted to do was put some social interaction back into her very secluded life… She ended up with something out of this world.

Shadows Stir By N. Walters Warriors of the Shadow Realm are facing their own demise, so the Shadow Lord sends one of his Ryders into the world to protect a woman who might hold the key to their very survival. Gideon finds more than someone to protect. He finds a woman to love.

Jo Harris is a woman on a mission to find her missing sister and she’ll do whatever it takes. She encounters a mysterious stranger who becomes both protector and lover. But will their love be enough to save them both from the encroaching shadows? She believed in what the billionaire owner was trying to accomplish with medical research on blood diseases and a blood bank to provide blood and plasma for local and national emergencies.

Despite his philanthropic endeavors, Shae Durbin holds a dark secret, one Shannon soon discovers — the blood bank meets the needs of creatures that can never see the light of day. To protect his people, Shannon must be brought into that world within the erotic arms of a master vampire. Temperature Rising By Lena Matthews Danner Austin knows that falling for his best friend’s sister could ruin their friendship but he just can’t stop thinking about her.

When Breanna Cole’s brother asks her to house sit, she accepts so she can be closer to Danner. Unfortunately she didn’t count the heat wave and blackouts into her grand plan of seduction.

The heat’s rising and Danner’s self-control is slipping. If he can keep his cool during the heatwave, everything will be fine.

Now all he has to do is figure out how to keep his hands off Breanna once the lights go out. Virtuosity By Kris Starr Three years after the wrongful death of her husband during a mission to an alien planet’s surface, Commander Dillon Walker is still wrought with guilt. Seeking an escape and a lover’s touch, yet not willing to open her heart to a traditional new relationship, Dillon turns to the virtual world of the HoloSuite. Aidan satisfies her beyond her wildest dreams, reawakens her sexual self…but to Dillon’s chagrin, he’s not real.

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That is until a little blue stripe mtathews her world upside down.

But Dean refuses to be dismissed so easily. He knows that with a little patience, forgiveness, and love they can still live happily even after. No good deed goes unpunished… And no one knows that better than Tisha Nichols, who, out of lsna kindness of her heart, agrees to style the hair of her nine-year-old neighbor Cami, so the little girl can look good for picture day.

Love thy neighbor… Is easier said than done, especially when the neighbor in question is a sexy little spitfire who gives katthews better than she gets. But the ongoing fight to win custody of Cami has made him cautious and mistrustful of people, even those as desirable as Tisha. What starts as a misunderstanding turns out to be one of the best things to ever happen to them. Unfortunately, not everyone is as thrilled, and Jonah and Tisha lenna decide if their newly formed family is something worth fighting for.

Maryam James is a hard taskmaster.

lena matthews sleepless beauty

A balls-to-the-walls type of woman who started her company with nothing more than a strong idea and a loan and turned it into one of the Top Fortune companies in America. Leaving is the last thing on Xavier mind, however. Ethan Neilson will do anything for his twin brother.

Even father the child Benjamin is unable to sleepess the woman they both love. All their lives, the brothers have shared everything—everything but the woman who matters most. Not only did the cold-hearted blackmailer force her to attend his thirtieth birthday party, he used her love for her brother to do it, giving her just one more reason to dislike him. Not that she needed it. Thanks to a risky game of Double Dare three years ago, Shane made the biggest mistake of his life and lost Paige in the process.

Now all he wants is an opportunity to make it right again. The birthday surprise is on Paige though. The gloves are off and everything is fair game. Keeley Matfhews has a problem. Despite what she might think, Sean has definitely noticed Keeley is all grown up. The proof is right there every time he looks her way. For Keeley, enough is enough. Fabulous at fifty Helen Weller is not. In fact, the once svelte woman is not only forty pounds overweight, she’s also about to be a lean. Too young to for the senior discount yet to old for singles scene, her prospects have Helen downright blue.

Although happy for her daughter, she’s despondent for herself. Nobody wants to make love with a granny. Or so she thinks. Body and Soul is a standalone title with characters from Redemption: Not everyone wants to be well liked, especially not Nichelle Turner. She’s rather fond of her less than personable persona the small-minded folks of River Bend see. It allows her to fly under their radar and be as naughty as she wants to be with bad boy turned good guy, Terrance Walker.