Lymphangitic carcinomatosis, or lymphangitis carcinomatosa, is the term given to tumor spread through the lymphatics of the lung and is most commonly seen. Lymphangitis carcinomatosa is inflammation of the lymph vessels (lymphangitis) caused by a malignancy. Breast, lung, stomach, pancreas, and prostate. Publisher: Introducción: La linfangitis carcinomatosa(LC) representa el % de las metástasis pulmonares. Existe evidencia de que puede ser una condición.

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Lymphangitic carcinomatosisor lymphangitis carcinomatosais the term given to tumor spread through the lymphatics of the lung and is most commonly seen secondary to adenocarcinoma.

Clinical presentation is variable. Some patients experience dyspnoea and abnormal pulmonary function tests pulmoonar in the course of the disease, well before any radiographic abnormalities are evident, whereas others remain asymptomatic until much later 4. It can also be seen in numerous other primary cancers, e.

A helpful mnemonic for lymphangitic carcinomatosis is sometimes used for its common causes. Spread into the lymphatics in most cases except in bronchogenic adenocarcinoma usually occurs following haematogenous seeding of the lungs, with subsequent lymphatic involvement 1,3. It may also occur by retrograde spread into the lymphatics from the mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes. Both the peripheral lymphatics coursing in the interlobular septa and beneath the pleura, and the central lymphatics coursing in the bronchovascular interstitium linfangitjs involved 2.


Histologically tumor is seen both within lymphatics and in the adjacent interstitium, with associated edema and desmoplasia 3,4.

Radiographic appearances can most easily be divided into those due to the involvement of the peripheral interlobular septa and central lymphatic system. Involvement carcinomatoss be diffusely of both, or predominantly of one compartment or the other 4.

Distribution of changes is variable, but most are asymmetric and patchy 3. It is usually bilateral but may be unilateral, especially in cases of lung and breast cancer.

Unfortunately up to a quarter of patients with subsequently established lymphangitic carcinomatosis have normal chest x-rays 2. Typically the appearance is that of interlobular septal thickeningmost often nodular and irregular, although smooth thickening may also sometimes be seen This results in a prominent definition of the secondary pulmonary lobules, pulkonar as tessellating polygons.

Thickening of the bronchovascular interstitium is usually irregular llinfangitis nodular, with changes seen extending towards the hilum 4.

The combination may give a characteristic ” dot in box ” appearance.

[Pulmonary carcinomatous lymphangitis: presentation as acute pneumopathy. Report of two cases].

Linfangitia helpful sign is that the overall lung and lobular architecture is preserved 1. In most cases, lymphangitic carcinomatosis progresses rapidly and patients deteriorate see treatment and prognosis belowhowever in some cases changes may remain stable over considerable time 3.

As such a ‘stable’ appearance when compared to previous imaging does not necessarily exclude the diagnosis. Treatment is determined by the histology of the primary tumor, but in general, relies on systemic chemotherapy. Prognosis of patients with lymphangitic carcinomatosis is poor, with approximately half of patients succumbing to their illness within a year of diagnosis 2,3.


Considerations include a differential for that of thickened interlobular septawith carcijomatosa entities comprising of 1, You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Unable llnfangitis process the form. Check for errors and try again. Thank you for updating your details. Log in Sign up.

Lymphangitis carcinomatosa – Wikipedia

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Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Lymphangitis carcinomatosa Pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis Pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis PLC Lymphangitis carcinomatosis. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. Case 2 Case 2. Case 3 Case 3. Case 4 Case 4. Case 5 Case 5. Case 6 Case 6. Case 7 Case 7. Case 8 Case 8. Case 9 Case 9. Case 10 Case Congestive cardiac failure Congestive cardiac failure.

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