Franz Bardonâ€&#x;s. In i t i a t i o n In t o Her m e t i c s A Course of Instruction Of Magic Theory & Practice. 1 5 (Sacred Magick Edition). Publisher of books related to the hermetics according to Franz Bardon. Featuring additional materials to support practical​ ​hermetic exercises and the 4th and. PDF – Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers. This new and latest edition of Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers and The Great Arcanum includes 9 Charts of.

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Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Not to be confused with an introduction. This is really not an livross magical text. In spite of the author’s warnings that readers with prior magical experience might have to unlearn a lot while studying his books which is true! Initiation into Hermetics is a dense book that frequently, actually, assumes that the reader already has some background in magic. This book is not a history lesson. This book is not a comprehensive overview of the subject of hermetics.

This book is not just a preparation for more serious work – it IS the more serious work, for those who are prepared.

Iniciação ao Hermetismo de Franz Bardon | Livros que valem a pena ler | Pinterest

The llivros explains many things in depth, but much of it will sound like nonsense to a magical novice. It takes a little foreknowledge and practice to properly navigate Bardon’s idiosyncrasies and outdated science although not as much as it takes to interpret even the most lucid writings of Bardonn Crowley, or any preth century occultistand he devotes very little time to joking, bragging, or making lurid claims. This newer translation is improved, but some passages are still difficult to decipher.

There are good reasons for why there is a market for supplemental material! The book starts with a whirlwind “Theory” section, at the end of which the author insists that anybody wishing to embark on the practical exercises which comprise the bulk of the text must first review and meditate and reflect until they fully grasp all of the theory.

The process could take years, he says! Yeah, well, that was inand it’s now, and there are many effective ways for a novice to gain a lot of mystical insight and experience very quickly. Buy yourself a copy of Modern Magick, or Liber Null if you’re cheap, and dranz yourself silly, kid.

Initiation into Hermetics – Franz Bardon – Compra Livros ou ebook na

You would just roll your eyes at Bardon’s warnings and claims, because they would sound outrageous to you right now. You would not treat this book with the proper respect. You do not know any better frazn. Come back when you’ve got a few bruises, when you’ve developed a healthy fear of your own power, when you need a real teacher but you don’t want to join a cult.

And be ready to unlearn a lot.


For you who are already on a self-directed mystical path and who have never found complete satisfaction in all of livrs wanderings, congratulations. This is what you have been looking for. All of the magical texts you have read until now ilvros all of the legitimate ones, at least – have basically handed you a series of increasingly deadly firearms.

The authors of these books have instructed you to juggle all of these firearms, and they have told you to try to shoot liivros hit moving targets while you continue to juggle the entire armful. They have assured you that all of the old gun-juggling books, the ones that traditionally warned readers about the severe dangers of juggling guns, were just written by paranoid people and elitists, and you definitely probably maybe won’t shoot your own face off.

You have realized this by now. You have stopped being stupid. Magic isn’t a toy. Magic is an armful of loaded guns. And you aren’t even thoroughly educated in the care and maintenance of a simple pistol yet. Initiation into Hermetics is not an introduction, it is frannz initiation. It will break you down to square one and build you cranz up as a true magician, and it will not always hold your hand along the way.

Because Franz Bardon respects you. Franz Bardon knows that you can figure a lot out on your own. Franz Bardon sits down with you and plainly says, “Here are the universal, fundamental building blocks of magic.

Initiation into Hermetics

Here is what they are, here is how they work. Here is a fantastic, structured way to completely master these fundamentals.

And as you master them, you can invent countless creative new ways to apply them. Here are some examples. This involves a variety of intensive mental exercises.

There are no elaborate rituals – Bardon’s firm assertion is that rituals constitute an advanced form of magic, and in the hands of novices they amount to simple acts of ignorant sorcery, achieving nothing better than that which is achievable through simple applications of elemental mastery.

His second book is about ritual magic, but he insists that students must painstakingly master the primal elements and their own consciousness, in accordance with the guidelines in Initiation into Hermetics, before attempting advanced work.

The author is not the most well-spoken, at least in the English edition. He uses many of his own proprietary terms, and some of the word choices – whether the fault of the author or the translator, I can’t say – can be confusing until you adapt to them. There are things that he over-explains, and there are things that you will find yourself wishing he would explain more thoroughly.

All of this is excusable, in my opinion, because the end result is still the greatest occult text I’ve ever read. I have been a serious student and practitioner of the occult for close to 40 years.

In that time I have studied and been initiated into a multitude of different practices from Wicca to Palo Mayombe. I must say in all truth and honesty, this tome is by far for the mind and soul that is both advanced and ready for such knowledge the most powerful and enlightening one of it’s kind. One of the major problems, in my opinion is that most individuals want it quick and easy. So many ancient and modern grimoires offer so much for so little; that we expect this is how it should be in all cases.


Most occult books are often quite similar to mundane recipe books, you simply follow the steps and voila instant success!! It is no wonder why so many people who start on this magickal path last but a short time. Many neophytes either find zero success, or worst yet they find themselves way over their heads. Franz Bardon’s work is without a doubt a true masterpiece. I know of over 40 individuals who have gone through the book from beginning to end and worked through the exercises over the years I have run more than a few occult book clubs where we worked through different grimoires and I can tell you that not one failed to enhance their abilities and overall understanding of nature of reality ten fold.

I will refrain from mentioning the abilities of manifestation and pure cosmic gnosis that we received along the way, culminating with a boon in power that I thought with all my years of serious study, was strictly reserved for fantasy novels.

Like most pursuits in life, you tend to get out of it, what you put into it, and of course everything is not for everybody. To those who did NOT like this tome, or it did not resonate with you, no problem. Your path to happiness and enlightenment, be it magickal or mundane is out there waiting for you. I just wanted to share a little of my experience with this hermetic path, in hopes that it might inspire someone to keep at it, if and when you start to have doubts or it seems overwhelming.

The rewards I assure you are beyond most peoples true comprehension. Good luck to all!! As others have mentioned this is the most important book for a beginner looking to understand or practice western magick.

Coming from an intense study of eastern methods of spiritual cultivation I, at first, didnt see the draw to western systems at all. They did not seem to go nearly as deep and most people interested were just looking to enlargen their ego’s.

Even if your interest lies in the eloborate ceremonial magick of frnaz orders you will do well to study this system as a foundation. And it is so cheap compared to some of those other books.

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