Hi All, Well, I have an LPC board. Great, the silicon exists. Now, come along Philips, you need to publish the User Manual for this, not just. Philips LPC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Philips LPC User Manual. mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior This document is a User’s Guide that describes the LPC

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Table of contents Chapter 1: On-chip Flash Memory System On-chip Static Ram sram System Control Block External Interrupt Inputs External Interrupt Flag Register extint – 0xe01f C Interrupt Wake-up Register mamual – 0xe01f C External Interrupt Mode Register extmode – 0xe01f C External Interrupt Polarity Register extpolar – 0xe01f C14c Other System Controls Memory Mapping Control Memory Mapping Control Register memmap – 0xe01f C Memory Mapping Control Usage Notes Phase Locked Loop pll Pll Control Register pllcon – 0xe01f C Pll Configuration Register pllcfg – 0xe01f C Pll Status Register pllstat – 0xe01f C Uer Feed Register pllfeed – 0xe01f C08c Pll And Power-down Mode Pll Frequency Calculation Procedure For Determining Pll Settings Pll Configuring Examples Power Control Register pcon – 0xe01f Coco Power Control Usage Notes Reset Source Identification Register rsir – 0xe01f C Apbdiv Register apbdiv – 0xe01f C Flash Memory Bank Instruction Lpv2103 And Data Latches Flash Programming Issues Mam Operating Modes Mam Control Register mamcr – 0xe01f C Mam Timing Register mamtim – 0xe01f C Mam Usage Notes Vectored Interrupt Controller vic Software Interrupt Register vicsoftint – 0xffff F Software Interrupt Clear Register usdr – 0xffff F01c Raw Interrupt Status Register Interrupt Enable Register Interrupt Enable Clear Register vicintenclear – 0xffff F Interrupt Select Register vicintselect – 0xffff F00c Irq Status Register vicirqstatus – Fiq Status Register vicfiqstatus – 0xffff F Vector Control Registers vicvectcntl – 0xffff Fc Vector Address Registers vicvectaddr – 0xffff Fc Default Vector Address Register vicdefvectaddr – 0xffff F Vector Address Register vicvectaddr – 0xffff F Protection Enable Register vicprotection – 0xffff F Vic Usage Notes Table Of Contents Pin Function Select Register 0 pinsel0 – 0xe C Pin Function Select Register 1 pinsel1 – 0xe C Pin Function Select Register Values Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.


All Rights Reserved Gpio Port 0 Direction Register iodir, Port 0: Io0dir – 0xe ; Fiodir, Port 0: Fio0dir – 0x3fff C Fio0mask – 0x3fff C Io0pin – 0xe ; Fiopin, Port 0: Fio0pin – 0x3fff C Io0set – 0xe ; Fioset, Port 0: Fio0set – 0x3fff C Io0clr – 0xe c; Fioclr, Port 0: Fio0clr – 0x3fff C01c Gpio Usage Notes Uart0 Fractional Divider Register u0fdr – 0xe C Uart0 Baudrate Calculation Uart0 Fifo Control Register Uart0 Line Control Register Uart0 Line Status Register Uart0 Scratch Pad Register Uart0 Auto-baud Control Register Uart0 Transmit Enable Register Uart1 Fractional Divider Register u1fdr – 0xe Uart1 Baudrate Calculation Uart1 Fifo Control Register u1fcr – 0xe Uart1 Line Control Register u1lcr – 0xe lc2103 Uart1 Modem Control Register u1mcr – 0xe Uart1 Modem Status Register u1msr – 0xe Uart1 Scratch Pad Register u1scr lpc2130 0xe c Uart1 Auto-baud Control Register u1acr – 0xe Uart1 Transmit Enable Register u1ter – 0xe I 2 C Operating Modes Master Transmitter Mode Master Receiver Mode Slave Receiver Mode Slave Transmitter Mode I 2 C Implementation And Operation Input Filters And Output Stages Address Register, I2addr Shift Register, I2dat Arbitration And Synchronization Logic Serial Clock Generator Timing And Control Control Register, I2conset And I2conclr Status Decoder And Status Register C Control Set Register i2conset: I 2 C Control Clear Register I 2 C Data Register