Some few Luhya Proverbs you did not know. 1. Anavulekwa yirha imbongo. 2. Chenda kalaa yola mumbo. 3. Buli akhashere nobufira bwakho 4. Abachesi babili. Popular luhya proverbs and sayings from mulembe nation with titbits and stories that unraveal their meaning. Maragoli proverbs, Bukusu proverbs, Idakho. It’s not often that one can link African oral literature with the modern science of epidemiology. Such an intricate exercise. Continue reading · Luhya Culture.

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There is a lot we have, can and will mourn about the erosion of Mulembe nation’s ever giving body of folklore.

Admittedly, simply, in the 21st century the better part of our ways can’t continue to be alive vide word of mouth or by just another blog post. Luscious, even if the oral tool of the day is a blog post. Luhya language is akin to the sour mash of a master brewer.

The richest, boldest, full in depth and width of bevvy finds its character from its ancestors – the sour mash that’s preciously saved from one batch to the next batch. Here, we contextualize, luhua and even re-live popular luhya proverbs and sayings. In doing so, we hope to mellow these phrases and pop open the richness of the luhya language in all its intonations.


Luhya Proverbs and Sayings | MULEMBE NATION

To keep alive its dialects and honor its marriages with other native sounds. Proverb, where else do you get to say: Mulogoli is the scion of Andimi a descedant of Kintu and Mwanzu matriarch. Mulogoli migrated south and made his home at Mungoma -caves at the foot of the Maragoli hills in south Maragoli, present day Vihiga county – with his wife Khaliyesa.

They were blessed with four male children, the patriarchs of the four major Maragoli clans: Musaali; M’kizungu; M’kilima and M’mavi. These clans inhabit the region around Maragoli Hills in Vihiga county, western Kenya. Here are their oral traditions in form of proverbs and sayings told as stories and as utilized in context in various texts on this website.

Luhya Proverbs of Kenya – All Things Kenyan

Pop culture has its subcultures. Some are influenced by locale, others by the spirit of the times, rpoverbs by indigenous cultures. These Luhya proverbs and saying demonstrate the fluidity of culture as they have gained notoriety beyond native speakers of the Luhya language and its dialects.

Undeniably, among the people of Mulembe, the Bukusu have the most wholesome annotation of their culture and history. The descendants of Mwambu the inventor and Sela like their brothers the Maragoli trace their ancestry to Misri. Closer home to their current domicile of the lands at the foot of Mt.


Elgon Masabathe umbilical cord of Bukusu clans terminates in modern day Eastern Uganda among the Masaba people. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Proverbs & Sayings – Luhya

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