A few months ago I did four weeks of Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet In terms of fat lost per Overview UD is a weekly carb-cycling diet. Lyle McDonald. UD2. Variations. lthough I feel that the UD2 is close to optimal the way it’s currently set up, there areafew situations where you may want to make. Love the book Lyle! However my question is if i can apply IF to the UD2 diet? (IF is when you eat only during 8 hours per day and fast the rest of.

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Log in or Sign up. Intermittent Fasting, Ultimate Diet 2. Jul mcdonal, Messages: So I read a bunch about leptin, and I’m interested. Not necessarily in leptin, specifically, but its role in what Lyle McDonald calls the “integrated signal” of energy balance.

For the uninitiated, leptin is a protein indicator of how much energy is in supply, and it has a host of effects including, among other things, calorie partitioning, metabolic rate, and the desire to be generally active. There seem to be a lot of theories about how to modulate this signal to your benefit, and Lyle prescribes to the idea that the signal of mcdonlad energy balance initiated by refeeding takes longer to achieve than what most intermittent fasting IF proponents believe.

Mcdnald then, IF is such a vague label that vastly different protocols fall under its banner e. So, all being said, I’m starting UD2.

In fact, it’s a pretty long way from a lot of things I’ve learned here, especially with respect to carbs. It’s certainly not paleo in that respect. I’m willing to give it a shot, though. Mcdobald might be the final blow to my nagging anti-carb bias, if it works. I didn’t realize how few carbs I eat until I started eating them again. I wonder how often I went keto without thinking about it. The diet essentially breaks the week into two phases, a “cut” phase us2 a “bulk” phase bear with me.


If your goal is fat loss UD2. Any defecit beyond that should be obtained with additional cardio.

Intermittent Fasting, Ultimate Diet 2.0

What’s interesting to me is the bulk phase glycogen repletion. Here, you’re basically mowing down carbs for a solid 30 hours. That’s about Calories. I’m quite wary about consuming this quantity of carbs, but we’ll see how it goes. Out of curiosity, does anybody here have experience with this style of diet? How did you respond to the carb load?

Jun 8, Messages: I’m interested to see where this thread goes.

EndoSep 29, Jul 22, Messages: MongerSep 29, Dec 27, Messages: Some people respond badly to refeeds. I know I do, I gained about 20 pounds of water, takes about 2 weeks to fully get water back out. Some people look “swole” and “jakt” and have more energy. UD 2 is great, because it adds muscle, strength, creates fat loss all at the same time, because you are still burning fat during the refeed while the carbs go to glycogen, and will reach the glycogen after strength workout.

I think somebody in here tried it iirc. Apr 14, Messages: Romi, I’ll be watching this diet with interest although realistically it’s nothing I would personally want to try – unless of course you come back with spectacular results.

Best wishes with it, I’ll be interested in your findings. IronMaidenfan 1Sep 29, Feb 7, Messages: Hope ya like pasta. CentaurSep 29, Also, the main reason I don’t like RFL is because of the lack of exercise allowance. I tried it, and it drove me bonkers! At least with this, I’ve got a couple days where I can bust ass and feel good about it.

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Dec 16, Messages: I ran this for 4 weeks, not to the Tee as far as getting that many carbs in but I was around the g mark with carbs. The 1st week was fucking rough for me but I felt fantastic when I loaded up on carbs. Like Steakeater mentioned, I did get the swole Jakt look: The one thing about this though with me is my appetite crashed hard when I was done, meaning I couldnt eat alot which sucked since I wanted to bulk.


It took me probably a good 2 months to start eating alot again.

My solution was to drink drinks high in cals like coconut milk and protein shakes. Im in the process of bulking now and I finally just got my appetite back about a month ago.

ZiltoidSep 29, I know one person that ran this. It’s not something I have experience with, because, like Monger, my training doesn’t mesh with it at all. Just to change a couple of things: Average LBM at my height and weight is around lbs James. I’m probably around lbs Because I’m fat, and probably well over the range suggested for UD2.

I’ll ramp that up gradually as I reach sub lbs to the higher end, since my body should be producing less leptin naturally at this point. I just loathe isolation work. Perhaps unduly in the same sense that I avoided carbs. Although I don’t totally buy that isolation work better depletes glycogen.

I’m inclined to think that you would us2 have to add more weight for compound movements. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

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