Manuals and useful information. Downloads for DIALux. DIALux manual and useful information about DIALux. Partner Plugins ›. Luminaire manufactures. DIALux Version The Software Standard forCalculating Lighting Layouts User Manual. DIALux is continuously being developed by a team of You can plan in DIALux Include Installation drawings, control and assembly instructions as well as.

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Still getting lots of traffic about DIALux and a lot of comments. Probably not but I thought I would ask anyway. A big fat goose egg! Anybody out there writing a DIALux tutorial or interested in writing one?

Please let me know. A project done with dialux. I too tried but could not find a good DIALux tutorial.

The tutorial which comes with the software is not good enough and lacks clarity as well as depth. DIALux tutorial should be at leastif not more, as interesting as the software. And I would like to contribute for any such initiative. I need help on some dialux tutorials especially on downloading dwg or dxf files. Much manuzl and a million thanks if ever there would be a tutorial that would be so clear and easy to understand….

For LZ3, the calculation surface to be set is 15 feet 4. Click Start Calculation click All and use standard calculation Go to Output Configuration mahual see the simulation results Export to PDF the following data for submission. Dear all,i use dialux and i like it very much. Gita, Would you send the Exterior Project Tutorial to my email: Hello there I see you first posted this in so this is a real long shot I eialux love to see your tutorial in english I would be very happy to make contribution Best regards.

Dial Gmbh have several training dualux with fees, which are going to be unremunerative if they make a good tutorial. That is why a good tutorial will never come from them. Our webpage is currently only in swedish but the english version is scheduled to ,anual up and running in October.

I have finished 1 project for exterior lighting in dialux. Calculation surface is like work plane, where you can calculate what lux level you are getting overall.

Manuals and useful information

Hi to all DIALux users. We just finished the latest version of DIALux. The most important new feature is the sportslighting feature. The download is available at http: Make sure your luminaires and light sources are properly setup or you have used luminaires and light sources from one of the many commercial Dialux catalogs. Calculation surfaces are solid surfaces ie walls, table surfaces, floors etc… that light is falling onto that you are particularly interested in knowing the light distribution uniformity across those surfaces.


If you have wall washers, then the calculation surface of particular interest to you is the wall the washers are aimed at. You will get a uniformity pattern telling you where the hot spots are, the light cutoffs, and dark spots are and what those levels are. I think Dialux software only for lighting design.

DIALux 4.9 Manual Guide

Please kindly send me any software details for this calculation. I am just starting to learn how to use the software more effectively…. I send them couple of mails on abive written one, and from ther site. Not sure — maybe the community at large can help? Come on guys, lets come up with something for hamrah. I quite agree with you on the lack of tutorials or documentation. I would write dia,ux if I had the time.

Thank you for your comments! I am upset because lacked of good tutorial regarding dialux software. A good dialu lighting software like this should be useful for lighting designers, interior designers etc.

Dialux Gmbh should be more active to supplement growing users of this useful software. It is painful to start from scratch if u already know other 3ds rendering program like 3dsmax, maya or lightwave. I believe Dialux have enormous potential to be leading lighting designers tool craft because its simplicity and realistic lighting ies. Im still learning the curve of Dialux but sometime i just dont have time to start over and over again just to get some lighting result.

It is really appreciated if Dialux programmer designer can supply the growing users with useful, upgraded info and technical support to enhance our fundamental understanding more about this very useful software. Keep up the practice and please let us know how things progress for you — my readers would love to know.

Here is a the best tutorial i have found so far…its not in English, but is helpful to watch. Thanks a lot George!

I will have to check it at home as many of these video sites are blocked at work doh! Also here is my blog http: Do you know of any websites that have a good lighting software comparison chart between Relux, Dialux, Agi32, Lightstar 4D…? I am new to this software and would like to know some good steps to start. Anyone who can dixlux on a good tutorial apart from Dialux own?

The standard results that i generate diapux of the room diagram with isolines and values in footcandles. That, among other things, I was hoping to discuss with a professional. I would appreciate it very much if someone took out a little time to guide me in lighting design, and answer the questions that i have.

I have began using both dialux and relux, i find the model simulations in relux far superior to the ones dialux produces. Relux is more difficult and time consuming to use i feel. Dialux is quick and easy. I am going to set up a website soon, i was considering creating some basic tutorials.


How to changing color luminaire in dialux – DIALux evo board

If i do i shall come back here and post a link. To the author i diaalux you dont mind me posting this link but i will be putting up tutorials to help get people started in Dialux, they will be available at http: Sir, you are a saint! Thank you for the 2 tutorials so far, they are very helpful.

Please keep uploading as at least I am relying on them for further guidance! Also i was hoping if someone could tell me the most suitable luminaire plugin for Industrial Lighting? Any one can help me to do tunnel doalux If any one have idea please i share with me… I hope you can help me for that… with thanks and regards.

I am new to Dialux 4. It seems to be blocked. Is there an option to allow me to mwnual in figures for length and angle. As it is soo frustrating trying to sort measurements just from co-ordinates. If any of you guys are offering it or know someone that do, please send me the details training plan, cost, etc.


Dear Friends, I am marketing and sales guyi wants to learn how to use dialux. Can anybody help me how i can learn this software by my own. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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February 24, at 9: March 1, at 2: March 18, at 1: August 7, at 5: Please find below the steps for lighting simulation using DIALux for reference: May 13, at 7: June 27, at 5: September 9, at October 14, at 6: May 19, at May 19, at 8: