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Permissions : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Please contact mpub-help umich. For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. One of the most powerful movie and television producers in the culture industry, Weinstein engaged in serial sexual predatory behavior against women for decades. She controls the family and business budget. She provides sexual objectification for both the male cast and their viewers. Auctioneers alternate between Emily Wears and the original cast members playing this role, Dan and Laura Dotson. Darrell Sheets serves as the resident male chauvinist pig. This proves an idle threat, producing a condescending, knowing smirk from Sheets. She immediately hits it off with Mary, as the two stick up for each other amid all the testosterone surrounding them.
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On top of that, the stars of the series have egos that can be wounded. In order for a photo to be up for consideration for this list, it first and foremost needs to relate to one of the stars of Storage Wars in one way or another. Additionally, screengrabs of moments from the show or social media postings of its stars were absolutely in play.
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It's a fascinating testosterone-driven California world, where the girls tend to be busty and the men wear wife beaters, have tattoos and often sport beer bellies. The saga of guys and a few girls bidding to buy storage lockers on which the rent has not been paid was an immediate hit. And it spawned a reality TV franchise and made reality stars and millionaires out of its main cast.
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I don't even recognize myself in this beautimous shot by the one and only genius photographer steveerle aetv storagewars beautimous. Speaking about her early life, Mary Padian spent her childhood in Dallas, where she was raised with her brother named Luke by their father, John Gerard Padian, who works as a businessman, and her mother, Teresa Ann Padian. Although her parents divorced, Mary maintained a close relationship with both her parents. Although she only has one brother, it is reported that she has no less than 42 first cousins, who she frequently visits and keeps in touch with. A year later, she returned to Texas, since she was homesick, and opened her own store there, which contributed a lot to her net worth. Furthermore, she runs her online store of the same name, which eventually expanded her business internationally. Following her returning home, Mary continued to line up success with her videos, through which she became widely known. Since the third season, Mary became one of the regular cast members, adding a considerable amount to her net worth and increasing enormously her popularity. Before the auction, the buyers have five minutes to inspect the contents of the locker from the doorway, but are not allowed to enter the locker room or touch any of the items, therefore having to quickly decide whether they want to compete for a certain locker or not. The highest bidder wins each locker, estimates the prices for which the items in the locker could be sold and assessing whether a profit can be made, but subsequently determined by sales.
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It's a fascinating testosterone-driven California world, where the girls tend to be busty and the men wear wife beaters, have tattoos and often sport beer bellies. The saga of guys and a few girls bidding to buy storage lockers on which the rent has not been paid was an immediate hit. And it spawned a reality TV franchise and made reality stars and millionaires out of its main cast. The main wife-beater guy, the swaggering Darrell Sheets, was "The Gambler". He was after the big bucks.

Quirky, quip-a-minute Barry Weiss was "The Collector". And the soon-to-be-troublemaker Dave Hester was dubbed "The Mogul". Hester went very public with accusations that the show was staged and a fake. Whatever it is, Storage Wars is certainly a strange world of cash-only auctions in which hopefuls buy the contents of abandoned storage lockers, sometimes virtually sight unseen. No, it's not for the fainthearted.

And we can assure you that they are more than just hot babes. The loved up, but bickering duo were on the show from the very beginning and won over a firm fanbase. Jarrod was and is a bit of a bubba. And Brandi? She's more the stacked-girl-next-door, with just a hint of trailer park, type.

But with a bit of fame comes a bit of hassle. And guess what? And she got her legal costs paid. Thanks for nothing, judge. She and Brandi are real life best friends. Mary's a Texas girl with a giggly laugh and a creative soul. Her store, Mary's Finds, is a treasure trove of stuff she's rescued while on the show. In her hand, her rescues go from trash to cash. Does she care?

She may be only 5 feet and a bit, but she stands tall and holds her own with the macho likes of Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester. She is sassy and hot, with just a touch of Texas swag. She is, as her catchphrase implies, a "Razzle Dazzle" girl that just about everybody loves.

Jenny Grumbles, the tall and leggy blonde with the winning smile and the Texas swag, was a kind of upmarket Brandi Passante. It was the kind of place where you might spot the gold-Amex-wielding, affluent Dallas ladies who lunch. They were a strange pair. The petite brunette and the tall, leggy blonde.

The girls were a kind of dynamic "Mutt and Jeff" team. The show in which Lesa threw a lamp at Jenny as she tried to beat a hasty retreat was a classic. Whatever that is. Oh no! Some sources say that Brandi and Jarrod have sold their Now and Then store and that Jarrod is focusing on his Outlaw Apparel clothing range. Say it isn't so!

Brandi and Jarrod have been on the show since day one. And he agreed they could come in and film in his store. Heck, he probably thought, it's free publicity. The day they came in, Brandi was managing the shop.

She charmed the pants off of the producers figuratively, of course and she was more or less signed then and there to be in the main cast of the show alongside Jarrod. Brandi and Jarrod were dubbed the "Young Guns". Brandi was kind of the adult leadership of the pair. And Jarrod was the impulsive risk-taker. She just got hotter and hotter and he just got cockier and cockier.

Instead of the bubbas of the original show, we got tough-talking, no nonsense New York guys. You know, the kind of guys you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

The two Brooklyn babes showed up for auctions dressed in kitschy vintage attire and did the pop-up shop thing from their trusty ride, the Banana Van. Theirs was a world of vintage, up-cycled finds from storage lockers and estate sales.

Candy is kind of a femme-fatale who gets what she wants when she wants it. With her looks, flaming red hair and off-the-wall dress sense, our Candy is hard to miss. And that is precisely the point. Auctioneer Emily Wears is one of a kind.

She's the new kid on the block and had a recurring role in Season This sassy, hot babe works without a partner. Did the macho likes of Darrell Sheets and Jarrod Schulz frighten her? No way. As she said early on, "This ain't my first rodeo. So, she's been at it for a while. Her signature auction style is lightning fast. Blink and you'll lose out. Let Rene Nezhoda and the other bubbas complain about the fast pace of her auctions. She stands her ground. Hey, she even called out Darrell and Rene for trying to sneak a peek into a box.

It's look, but don't touch, big boy. She and Mary Padian became allies in the war against the testosterone-driven auction world. Ursula is the chick with frizzy hair who eats falafel for breakfast. Yes, her hair is very frizzy and she irons it each and every day to maintain that sleek look. Sometimes she even uses a clothes iron! Now, don't expect brains and beauty in Miss Knock Out. Her mind has been called a kind of black hole where information disappears.

She says it's because she is way too busy. Others disagree and say the chick is scatterbrained all over the place. But she was always a hoot to watch. So, we know Mary Padian is a pint-sized dynamo who gets her kicks from turning trash into treasure. She and Brandi Passante are best buddies in real life. And it's true to say that the two women have become "reality TV famous". And with a little fame comes the trolls who follow them on social media.

For the most part, Brandi and Mary laugh it off. But it isn't always easy. They have, over a relatively short period of time, gone from anonymity to insta-fame. Like other reality stars, they are famous for being famous. Not bad for a little girl from Texas. Newbie auctioneer Emily Wears, shook up the boys of Storage Wars.

Trust us, she runs a tight ship and her auctions are like lightning-speed sprints. It's wham, bam and it's over, boys. Get over it, she told them. So, what does the future hold for our hot, little auctioneer? This fast-talking Midwestern lass is up for anything. As a trained auctioneer, she has a marketable skill.

That and her looks and determination should take her far. Besides, if push comes to shove, she can always go back home to Solon, Iowa where her auctioneer dad is based.

Darrell Sheets and the other guys may not like her style, but we think she'll be just fine. Jenny Grumbles, as we have seen, is now a "former" reality star. She's a little mini-celebrity in Texas.

You can't miss the references to the show on her Facebook page. Get a life, babe. Well, she has, sort of.

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